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Our universe

We humans are prone to taking ourselves very seriously and to prove our self-worth, we come up with all sorts of ideas, philosophies and beliefs but then we attach special significance to them as if they were going to make the supreme difference in not only the way we live our lives, but will affect the harmony of the universe.

When we consider the age of the universe which many scientists believe (but don't know), they calculate about thirteen billion years and of course a billion on human terms is an exceedingly unimaginable number. Intellectually we may understand the immensity but because it is so immense, we have no way of relating to our current existence.

We are of course beginning to explore our near universe and sending probes to our neighbouring planets. A journey to Mars with our latest technology takes six months or so and it's our closest neighbour. Scientists are working towards manned missions to Mars but with the progress we've made to date, it could be thousands of years before we break free of our own solar system.

Some of us have a sense or an idea that this universe is living in the same sense that we are so we're part of this giant organism. But this is another question on which you can make up your own mind. But perhaps what we should be increasingly asking ourselves, and are we all that important?

With the most detailed map of the universe that we have in the video to your right, you will learn:

  • That our local universe contains over one hundred thousand galaxies and spans more than five hundred million light years,
  • Galaxies exist in groups called clusters and there are regions of densely packed clusters known as superclusters.
  • Astronomers have mapped the enormous region using a new way to define the boundaries of each super cluster, they named it Lanikea - Hawaiian for 'immeasurable heaven'
  • The Milky Way in which we live is located in the furthest reaches of this structure correcting the scientists who previously placed the Milky Way in the Virgo super cluster. Under the new mapping method, this region just becomes an appendage of the much larger Lanakea super cluster which contains the mass of one hundred million billion suns.
  • The milky way which is our cosmic neighbourhood is a spiral galaxy about 100,000 light years across, it has a central bold surrounded by four large spiral arms. Spiral galaxies make up about two thirds of all the galaxies we know about in the universe.
  • The Milky Way is constantly rotating and our solar system travels at around 828,000 km/h or 515,000 mph.
  • It will take our solar system about two hundred and thirty million years to complete a circuit all around the Milky Way.

What this means in terms of creation theory?

If there are was or is some intelligent creator as people like to believe, whoever it was gave us a nice home and put us somewhere out in the back of beyond perhaps because they suspected that we would wreck the house and be more trouble than we are worth. If there is no creator and we are evolutionists self creating ourselves, we just happen to be born in a very far out place and yet we are clearly demonstrating our collective lack of worthiness by arguing and fighting over ideas which have no meaning and no relevance to the greater whole.

Remember that the video, it is not a picture of the entire universe, just our nearest neighbourhood.


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