Whistles and Cat Calls

What's a girl to do?

There's a story going around about the aspiring actress Shoshana Roberts who walked the streets of new York and got 108 cat calls over the 10 hours of her experiment. But who in their right mind is going to spend 10 hours a day walking the streets just to make the point that some guys have bad manners and she doesn't know how to deal with that?

In contrast, the New York Post writer Doree Lewak who would you believe was brazen enough to walk by some building sites bra less in an otherwise fairly modest dress and she says that cat calls are flattering and women need to deal with it - I agree.

Dictionaries say the catcall is an animalistic ritual that some humans, usually men, use to appreciate the beauty of strangers, usually women and the wolf whistle is usually made by men when they're too lazy or too inarticulate to pronounce actual words. But it's all about communication, informing the person of interest that they're getting noticed and most often guys seeking attention. Of course most girls would never - right they fear being judged as sluts by other girls and they've learned restraint and internalise that sense of wow, I'd like him to rumble with.. Of course later we girls can talk about him and have a giggle then feel deprived and lonely - if only...

In times gone by when communities were smaller, everyone would have known each other. As a friend of mine described, most of the guys whistling nor making comments as she walked by were people she knew and she was sensible enough not to take much notice. But also there was a certain amount of peer pressure that the guys weren't too offensive. But now in big cities where everyone is so anonymous, the men tend to be a little more obnoxious and crude in their comments simply because they're brain-dead.

Wolf-Whistling "Could Be Made Illegal" Under New European Convention . The convention sets out a definition of sexual harassment as “violating the dignity of a person, in particular when creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment.” This, it says, is “subject to criminal or other legal sanction” and really this takes the cake for taking the fun out of life.

In the hot weather I like wearing next skimpy outfit's, micromini's, boob tubes and heels. It's not so often that I walk past building sites but I must admit that when guys call out to me who seem at least half decent, I do feel genuinely flattered and I will sometimes stop to flirt and chat.


While there may be a section of women, not defined by age or political affiliation, who view these unasked-for compliments as harassment, some might actually enjoy the attention. Some woman have actually married guys who whistled at them.

I have talked to some of my girlfriends about this and some hate being whistled at or guys commenting as they walk by, but they are a minority and most of us couldn't care less. So here's a few of my experiences.

I was sunbathing naked on a hotel balcony when a guy from the next room looked over and said "hey you sexy, would you like some company?" I asked who he was, but I didn't try to cover up or hide myself and I didn't say no, but after a brief chat he remembered that he had something else to do and I noticed that he had a stiffy so he was probably too embarrassed to sit in the sun and chat with me.

Another time I was walking up from the beach wearing a fairly minimal bikini when a couple of guys called out and tried to hit on me. They were rather juvenile but once I opened up some conversation they were rather sweet and after walking me back to my unit they went on their way and I think they were delighted to find out that I was just a normal girl.

One time when I walked past a building site, all the guys were two or three floors up and I got a chorus of whistles and comments like "hey sexy." I was actually in a hurry, but I paused, looked up and waved to them before I carried on. At another building site about 20 guys were on lunch break. They'd seen me coming and as soon as I was in range the comments started flying. "Hey sexy, nice legs, nice tits, show us your arse, come and join us, can I have your phone number et cetera." I smiled and said "hi guys, are you talking to me?" I just took it all as flattery and I don't usually, but I stopped. They were all competing for my attention but they all became incredibly polite. They surrounded me, I posed for a few photos with them as we chatted. Of course I didn't give my number but in other circumstances I would have been happy to have jumped into bed with several of them. As I left, they were happy and I was happy.

I must admit though, I don't like those creepy guys that just stare and say nothing. But there was one time I was waiting for a bus and this guy was almost drooling and trying to see through my clothes. There were plenty of other people about so I wasn't concerned for my safety. So I stepped closer to him and said "are you looking at me?" His gaze fell to the street and I knew he was one of those guys who'd probably never had a girlfriend and I feel sorry for guys like that. So I said to him rather sharply "it's all right to look, but is rude to stare. Please remember that." He mumbled something and walked away then a woman who overheard said I was asking for trouble dressed like I was. I told her that I was free to wear what I liked and before we could really argue, the bus arrived.

Contrast this girl who walked topless in
New York without being noticed?

In one situation I was walking through a fairly rundown neighbourhood having a conversation with a girlfriend. There were lots of guys without work sitting around who passed comments as we walked by. Because we were talking I wasn't taking much notice of the guys and hardly even heard them but my friend was getting irritated. Then she started complaining that I should be more sensibly dressed and I said that I liked what I wore so then she complained about the guys passing comments. Later to make a point I insisted we walk back the same way and this time I walked on the inside closer to the guys and sure enough the comments flowed. "Hey beautiful, nice arse, nice legs, come sit awhile, come sit on my lap, come sit on my face, I'd love to fuck you, (to me) I don't think much of your friend and so on. It only took a smile to pacify them but my friend was really in a hurry to get by that street so when the next guy said "oh my, here comes two sweet numbers I'd just love to fuck" I stopped and held my girlfriends arm.

There were five big guys sitting on some steps. I don't remember what I said, but then we were just having a conversation that began with my beauty and an exchange of compliments. It turned out they were all unemployed and struggling to make ends meet. Another few came by for a closer look and one even grabbed my arse as he made some inappropriate suggestions which I didn't react to. But after a few minutes my girlfriend was almost trembling in fear so I apologised to the guys that I had to go because my girlfriend wasn't feeling well and a couple of them offered to drive us to where we were going.

So really, men are just men and some have more brains than others, but they are all hardwired to lust after women and their own competitiveness sometimes makes them say stupid things. But as a woman, it's nice being noticed and even in winter when I'm all wrapped up against the ice and snow, when a guy I pass in the street or a shop keeper calls me sweetheart, darling or sexy, I don't mind, I just smile and treat them as though they are my friends and I've never ever felt unsafe or threatened.

This happened to a girlfriend of mine and I think she loves men more than I do, so true story. Her route to work took her past several construction sites and she'd giveback as much as she got from the guys. I think after about a week she knew half of them by their first names and she got a kick out of giving them all a thrill. Anyhow one afternoon she was going home from work and a couple of guys tried to molest her on the street, you know like seriously molest her and take her handbag. To defend herself, she had kicked one of the guys and sat down refusing to let go of her handbag that probably within 40 seconds of that altercation beginning, the construction workers ran up and gave those attackers what they deserved.

So it really beats me how some moronic woman can dress herself up like a target, walk the streets of New York and then complain that men's comments are sexual harassment. It's about time women stood up and counted themselves as women instead of fragile flowers.

Sasha xx


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