Why Massage Breasts?

Self care and healing through touch

Massage has been proven to support general health and wellbeing, it has also proved effective in treating many acute and chronic health problems, therefore it stands to reason that massage will also help to maintain the health of the breasts.

Remember that massage primarily helps our bodies by facilitating the removal of toxins and waste products while improving circulation in the treated areas.  From the perspective of massage, breasts are important and as deserving of treatment as any other part of the body.

Enshrined Ignorance

With the advent of registration, commercialisation and developing political correctness within the massage industry, the female breasts have been omitted in many massage school curriculum's. The USA is the leading protagonist against breast massage as it seems that unfortunately a large number of Americans view the breasts purely as sexual organs.

The female breasts are designed to produce the milk needed to sustain children in the first years of life and have nothing to do with sexuality although during foreplay and intercourse they may become more sensitive, but so do many other parts of the body.

The female breasts are made up of fatty tissue, milk producing glands, lymphatic ducts and nodes which benefit greatly from being massaged. The breasts of Western women are are more susceptible to breast cancer than women in developing cultures as they do not breast feed to the same extent and their breasts are confined to a restrictive brassier for a greater part of their lives.

It is a widely held opinion with some excellent supporting evidence that the confinement of the breasts causes a stagnation of fluids within the breasts which provides the opportunity for cancer to develop and research suggest that regular breast massage helps to prevent and assist recovery from cancers.

As few Western women are prepared to abandon their bras, massage may be the only solution for them to not only help prevent breast cancer, but to maintain breast health and shape. Breast enhancement massage, a discovery made in the 1960's has found that massage can be used not only to maintain the health and shape of the breasts, but massage can also be used to to increase breast size.

For general health, self massage is something that women can do for themselves as outlined in the short video below and breast massage should be included as a normal part of any clinical or recreational massage treatment.

Massage of the breasts is an important element of any massage treatment that on the basis of all evidence will help to keep breasts healthy, and the self breast massage can be done privately and is best performed with a little massage oil, or some soap while showering. The whole procedure takes from thirty seconds or more per breast.

By performing regular self breast massage, women keep in touch and will immediately notice any changes in their breast tissues. Other benefits of breast massage besides maintaining general good health are; improved shape, less sag, reduces need to wear a bra, helps milk production when breast feeding, eases out minor thickening and textural changes, makes breasts less tender during menstruation and maintains sensitivity while reducing over sensitivity.

The value of breast massage for self care

Breast Enhancement Massage


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