Why was India conquered?

India's loss to foreign invaders

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Over 1400 years, India has been raped and exploited by foreigners with different ideologies.  It's somehow ironic that the underlying ideologies of the Arabs, the Greeks, British, French and others are all based of seeds of knowledge from India that have been genetically manipulated.

From a psychological perspective, these invasions  are akin to the children attacking their mothers for India is the mother of all nations. Many historians disagree, but the scientists agree that without India's contribution of knowledge and wisdom, our world could not have developed as it has.

An ancient civilization where Dharma prevailed, India consisted of many polarized societies led by a diversity of local leaders and kingdoms that were often in conflict. India was not the densely populated country as is is today.  At the time of the Muslim invasions, the population is estimated at 80 million and Islam entered due to weakness at frontier areas, apathy by some leaders unable to perceive the threat and internal traitors.

While Alexander was repulsed over 1000 years before, leadership had weakened and world view unclear. But underlying Hindu politics as today, if there were 4 strong rulers a weaker one would drum up enough thugs to help him win against the others and acquire power. Rulers paid more heed to their position and possessions and even the fall of Persia's fall, perhaps the greatest blow to Sanatana Dharma took place too far away to be taken seriously.

The Arabs were not considered a threat even as they infested Afghanistan converting the subjugated population and forcing the men to join the ranks of butchers to continue the slaughter. This happened to people of Paaras and Khorasan who suddenly became Faaras and Afghan making them extreme enemies of their own no Muslim people. Thus Islam is a very clever political and imperial ideology where the actual component of religion is mere 2 - 3% and the 97 - 98% of their doctrine is about how prepare the "victim", to destroy or force non believers to convert or die.

Psychologically, Islam is just about the survival of the fittest and if it wins the war, humanity will take 1500 year step back in time and any survivors will be hunter gathers and simple farmers always at war over how to interpret Islam.

Indians were certainly not cowards, but they were unable to mitigate and manage the weaker elements in their society who prostituted themselves by supporting Islam.  This trend continues not only in India, but across the world in our so called democracies that are little more than a cover for capitalism and neo liberal fascism.

Thugs concerned only for their own welfare based of rights of biblical (also described in the Bhagavad Gita) beliefs justifying the killing of one's own family members.  Internal conflicts keep countries weak  so that thug (neoliberal US imperialism) parties keep winning and hurting entire system and that obviously is a draining haemorrhage that will never let it remain strong. When we talk of Indians we mean all Afghanis, Pakistanis, Indians, Bangladeshis, Burmese, Sri Lankans and beyond. Even the Indonesians were Hindu but they are smart enough to keep much of their heritage despite adapting to Islam.

Eroded and weakened by internal unrest India was weak as it is today where quests for power, Islam, Christianity and neoliberalism have turned the Hindu mind and nation towards destruction. Indians are reputed to be most polarized people due to their insatiable greed and jealousy, a propensity to deride one's neighbour and create rivalries, but this is prevalent in all countries.

These problems are not our enemies but a reflection of our own weaknesses. That is the key to all growth and development and also key to erosion and destruction. That is a Vedic principle ignored by Indians who have been separated from the eternal truth for far too long.

This separation is maintained and perpetrated by the legacy of Islam and the British East India company that have distorted the truth of history. As the mother of nations, within its heart that people from all over the world still flock to discover their spirituality is the key to Hindu salvation. It is as simple as imbibing the essence of Hindu traditions and knowing that one is a piece of life.

Narendra Modi
Prime Minister of India supporting Dharma.

When a person can recognise themselves as a piece of existence rather than a Hindu or a Buddhist or a Christian or a neoliberal, becoming inclusive and joining hands for the common good is natural. It is only the separation from this truth that creates suffering and the need to possess or control.

However oneness with life is a first step because we still have to adapt to the world we live in and support our families and neighbours. But when you know truth, you also know more clearly the differences between right and wrong in terms of supporting life and destroying life.

Unfortunately our world is adversarial as everyone struggles for power. The Hindu struggle is that of maintaining the grounds that every individual can know the truth of existence and live a life according to Dharma.

Religions and isms are antilife, and being antilife they seek to destroy their own mothers. We are destroying mother Earth through our pollution, we are ripping apart mother India due to ideological conflict and the source of that conflict is religion.

Therefore to protect the Dharma and the life not only of mother India, but life on this planet, those who call themselves followers of Dharma must grow a backbone and deal with the infestation of sickness and disease that plagues our world.

To those in India in opposition to your Prime Minister, remember you live in a democracy and it is your duty as a citizen to cooperate and if you think someone else can do a better job, you have the opportunity to vote for them in the next election. But should you be doing anything to undermine his leadership, you are a traitor to yourself and your country, it's time to grow up. If you do not understand this message, it's time to put your worldly life on hold, turn inwards and listen to a real guru instead of some Bollywood star.

By NZ Yogi based on an article By Dr Naila Hussain - more posts by Dr Naila

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  • Amita

    Namaste, you may think that India has been conquered but this is not really so. It is true that the Moslems and colonialists took control of the country and today it’s capitalism’s turn, but even capitalism while it may control material life cannot control the spirit of India and this is why Hinduism is spreading all over the world.

  • Celia

    I think everyone was struggling to survive and the merchant class and under classes gambled of greater profits/ and better wellbeing if the invaders won and supported them.

  • Babs

    Thanks, great article.

  • Muslim historian Firishta [full name Muhammad Qasim Hindu Shah, born in 1560 and died in 1620], the author of the Tarikh-i Firishta and the Gulshan-i Ibrahim, was the first to give an idea to the medieval bloodbath that was India during Muslim rule, when he declared that over 400 million Hindus got slaughtered during Muslim invasion and occupation of India. Survivors got enslaved and castrated. India’s population is said to have been around 600 million at the time of Muslim invasion. By the mid 1500’s the Hindu population was 200 million.

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