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Winter Cold Bites

In the EU and US

winterDuring the 1990s life expectancy continued to improve, influenza vaccinations became popular and even mandatory for some. But in recent years these vaccinations have been less effective and when combined with the decline in the economy of many northern countries, the wintertime death rates of the elderly are soaring.

According to figures released by RT, there were around 45,000 recorded deaths in the UK alone which experts have blamed on the ineffectiveness of flu vaccines.  How ever part of the problem could be that people are just living longer and the increased death rate last winter could have been a consequence of the general decline in health we are seeing world wide due to the declining nutritional quality of our foods.

But this is probably a combination of all factors including the decreasing effectiveness of vaccines, the declining food and water quality, the decline in the economy and other social factors. So it's really hard to determine any one thing as being the cause.

Given the decline in the global economy since 2008, it seems highly probable that life expectancy will decrease amongst the less affluent due to the elderly having less buying power. Less buying power means that the quality of their food will decline and they might not be able to afford heating and warm clothing giving the cold greater leverage.

But another factor that is seldom considered as that thanks to modern medical technology, many people have been kept alive beyond their natural expiry date.  So these winter die offs of the elderly as well as those that depart during heat waves is natures way of helping people to move on and reduce population numbers.


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