Women: Not Feminists

Modern feminism debunked

The dictionary definition of feminism is simply "believing in and working towards the economic, social, and political equality of the genders yet it has gone much further in practise. The modern leftist feminism has become yet another monster in the room.

Feminism has become become more about women dominating and controlling men yet it's also become another thing to being hijacked by people with strong political views. Under the umbrella of feminism, feminists march on the streets demanding that presidents must go and their view of the world is correct and if you don't like it, you'd better shut the fuck up because they're right. But there are all sorts of feminists, some push for equal pay and rights in the workplace, others push for longer periods of maternity leave, and at the end of the day it comes down to the fact that they are simply reactive towards injustice without doing much to solve societies problems.

Of course, women have rights and if they are doing the same work as a man, then its fair that they should receive equal pay for the same work. But this is a very murky subject and reflects the battle of the sexes that has been going on for centuries since the beginning of patriarchal society. Under the guise of a patriarchal society, women became subjects unto men and objectified because of their bodies, and that's a game mostly adhered to by the ruling class but the disease it represents permeates society and the problems within our civilisation.

We all want a fairer and more equitable world, we all want a world without war, famine and suffering yet our everyday actions perpetuate this because at the heart of this suffering lies ignorance, an ignorance that we are human beings with a sou;. Sure, we have a body and mind but our mistake is identifying with these two tools at our disposal as the core of our identity. We should be identified as the soul and see the world accordingly in harmony with nature and as more genuinely human that we adhere to Dharma.

Daisy Cousens destroys Feminism

It's under patriarchy that women are exploited, but it's not just women being exploited. It is very sad but true that we are governed by the economic top 1% yet we believe we have genuine democracy and free will. This is total bull shit, governments change in policies shift a little but our world is ruled by capitalists under which the poor keep getting poorer, human rights keeper eroding and few people really know what's going on. Feminism is a reaction to this as is humanism but the difference is that feminism is exclusive, it wants to be heard and be in control whereas humanism seeks balance and social harmony.

Women's manifesto! #! 1
Hello! We that as women we would like to speak and say that we are not interested in the world designed by feminists. We don't give a shit about genderism, queer theories, ekologizm, and other left. We're tired of having some disgruntled feminist life telling us what we're supposed to be, where we're supposed to work and what we're supposed to wear. We are each other and we will be each other, whether you want to make us chłopobaby!  It pisses us off that women speak only feminists and lewaczki. And normal women are ignored. It's time to show feminist that their ideology is stupid and harmful to all women! But above all, it's time to show normal women that there are millions of us! We start action: I'm a woman. The Resistance Chicks

Modern (leftist) feminism has become a nasty game of identity politics and these modern feminists attack women more viciously than men ever did. This is all about power and control and a form of Neo Marxism. It is separatist, appalled by logic and reason, these women are always right even when they are wrong but if anyone tells them otherwise, they are instantly defined as the enemy.

The Christian women's movement that is springing up doesn't care about politics, these women simply want to be left in peace to be mothers and wives. They want their husbands to be breadwinners and they will reward him by performing their wifely duties with good cheer yet appreciating the improved conditions achieved for women who got women the right to vote and social equity.

Daisy Cousens insight: identity Politics

Feminism has served as purpose and these modern feminists would be better advised to join the human race and put her efforts into combating the social inequity is represented by the huge gap between rich and poor, the destruction of our environment and the exploitation of economic and political minorities.

Everyone has the right to think what they're like and form their own opinions, but no one has the right to stuff their opinions down everyone else's throat and force them to believe. Forget feminism, become a humanist and work towards our collective happiness.

In the below right video, women are protesting a decades-old law in Iran, requiring them to wear a hijab. Protesters have taken to the streets, sharing photos and stories without a hijab, in an effort to bring about change in what they say is a fight for their dignity. Yet today's leftist feminists don't care about women in other countries fighting for basic human rights, they want power, they want to dominate and have others do as they say, especially the middle class white male.

Lisa Doyle's books The Surrendered Wife and the The Surrendered Single  offer greater insight into how women should be in relationships while Saving The Goddess, a personal of a woman more 'in touch with life' talks about her role.


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