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Women’s Health

Empowerment in degenerate times

momWomen are tasked with not only bringing new life into the world, they also tasked with supporting life which is why after the often dangerous process of pregnancy and childbirth, they get to spend long hours nursing, preparing food and maintaining a warm and safe environment for children and spouses.

Inasmuch as the civilisation and the society we live in is probably corrupted making life a struggle, the foundations for life are unchanged. Everyone needs a stable and nurturing environment in which to grow and prosper, and this is her task in addition to the often called upon need to participate in earning money just to survive.

The routine of menstruation often helps women to remain little more grounded and sensible than the male population although when a woman goes wrong, she can be very dangerous to herself and everyone around her even though she may be deluded that all is well. So in order to stay strong and healthy, every woman needs to consider that she is part of a greater existence than this limited society in which she finds herself.

Yet within the limitations of society she needs to put herself out there to find clean nutritious food for her family as well as her own needs. She needs to remember that this physical body is a vehicle for human existence and worldly experience, so as they say on the aircraft, she needs to take care of her own needs before those of others.

Because this world is so often violent, she needs to be able to defend herself as needed but she also needs to be aware that the pressure of life and causes her to be less than pleasant to those around her will in turn bring negative karma in the form of suffering.

A woman's light is not an easy one and yet it is one of the most joyous because she knows the passage of life and her body contains the keys to the greatest of physical pleasures while her mind as with men's contains the keys to a bliss beyond body and mind.


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