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Credit is not given where credit is due

Indian map from the early BC period

We have all grown up in a Eurocentric world where Europe including the UK became the centre of civilisation after the fall of Rome yet this understanding is more mythological than factual.

One thing is certain and that's that Europeans love their ideas and on analysis they seem to be almost psychologically attached to them that they have written world history as they saw it conveniently leaving out facts that may shed any doubt on their case. For instance when Vasco de Gama left Portugal in search of an ocean route to India, he had to hug the coast because he did not have the means for open ocean navigation. In other words he had no idea how to work out latitude and longitude.

When he eventually made his way around the southern tip of Africa and began travelling north he was effectively lost and had no idea how to reach India other than by continuing to follow the African coastline. He was sailing in a ship representing the peak of European shipbuilding technology of the time but when he came across some Indian traders he writes that their ships were many times the size of his. Not only that, they escorted him across the Indian Ocean and were able to do this because they understood longitude and latitude to such a degree that they could arrive at isolated islands with great accuracy.

It is somehow ironic that Europeans including those who settled North America claim credits for all our modern technology based on the scientific works of Newton and others, the philosophy of the Greeks without ever recognising that the knowledge AND all language, modern science, philosophy and religion originated in India.

This new version of history showing not only knowledge and wisdom coming from India, the European population also has its roots in India. The DNA trail of ancestry goes back to India so no matter where in the world that you live, some of your far distant ancestors came from India so it can rightly be said that India is the mother of all nations.

The French philosopher Voltaire writes about India "we Europeans have shown how much we surpass the Indians in courage and wickedness and how inferior we are to them in wisdom. The first Greeks went to India to instruct themselves because India is the most anciently civilised land. I'm convinced that everything has come down to us from the banks of the Ganges including astronomy, astrology, metempsychosis and even Pythagoras went from Samos to India to learn geometry but he certainly wouldn't have undertaken such a strange journey had the reputation of Indian science not been long established in Europe."

In addition to people migrating from India during the last ice age from a desire to know what lies beyond, they were forcibly moved at the end of the ice age as sea levels rose inundating cities and farmland. As they moved they retained links but the further west they travelled the more their wisdom and cultural influence was watered down with the Europeans of highest intelligence turned to India for wisdom while those ambitious for wealth and power saw India as a resource to be plundered.

It is said that Alexander despite being defeated left India with many tons of gold and later in today's currency it is estimated that the British pillaged over thirty trillion dollars from the Indian estate.

Thanks to our modern communications technology and the steadfast approach by many modern researchers unwilling to be fobbed off, the truth of India is becoming better known and there needs to be a greater call for Europe and the world to acknowledge and cherish India for what it has given to the world. It is not possible to make compensation but it's way past time to stop deriding and punishing India for standing up so valiantly in the face of such adversity.

At this point in time when human civilisation is on the brink of extinction due to humankind's failure to actually become human, we need India and its wisdom more than ever for guidance. We not only suffering the insanity of those who want to make war, we are suffering the insanity of the patriarchy and capitalism that are the drivers of war and suffering while apathy, misplaced desire and distorted perception foster it.

The Western world while it has everything it has thanks to Indian knowledge and wisdom remains in denial. Many civilisations have risen and fallen, but despite the fact that India has been an occupied country for a thousand years or so and infected by patriarchal ideology and capitalism, it still survives and in all countries its wisdom is thriving despite sociopolitical opposition.

The wisdom of India supports life and it is the wisdom of India that holds the key not only for humanities survival, but for world peace and universal happiness.

Cover image: a family photographed during the Tamil Nadu famine of eighteen seventy-six



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