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The Art and Science Known as Yoga


The great sage Agusteya Muni who introduced yoga and the art of living known as Sanatana Dharma to India

A system or a methodology for maintaining the health and fitness of the body and the mind. The practice of yoga is about initially connecting and understanding relationship between oneself as a human being and the body which is the vehicle for being human.

For many the process of yoga begins with training the body to keep it healthy and strong, but also to understand it as a vehicle for life. In training the body the mind is also trained because where the body goes, the mind must go and with practice the practitioner discovers a state of freedom within body and mind.

This freedom is more about being in the world then being removed from it. The act of meditation even though it temporarily removes one from the world enables one to function more effectively. As the sense of self or 'I am' becomes clearer, when one becomes less reactive to other people's dramas and more proactive and effective in living and supporting one's community.

Many people so yoga is being an isolated practice, but while the practice is very individual and seemingly insular, there is an expansiveness within that internal experience that permeates all of life helping one to feel connected, valid and valued.

In the video below, this into one woman's story of how she overcame her limitations came to embrace yoga. Everyone's story is different and one day you might share your story.


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