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Cautions - Health and Safety in Yoga

Prime adult female Caucasians in yoga class.As with any exercise, one must be physically capable of performing it without risk of injury. This means that if you have any physical problem, you should seek medical advise before commencing any yoga exercise.

Some exercises may cause a little discomfort if you overstretch. A good way to avoid over stretching  is to have a scale on 1 to 10 where 1 is no feeling and 10 is pain. So in practice stretch in the 3 - 7 range on your comfort scale.

Any pain experienced doing yoga is an indication you are doing the pose incorrectly or that you have some ailment.  You must ease back from the pose and get guidance.

During menstruation, is advised to follow a gentler program and avoid dong inversions. Students must advise their teacher that they are pregnant or menstruating. When doing inversions; head stand and shoulder stand, keep your head centred because of you move, you risk hurting your neck.

Equipment needed (if not provided)

A warm comfortable space free of drafts, a yoga mat and a good sized blanket, or two good sized blankets. A blanket serves a pillow or cushion and is essential to cover you up during the relaxation at the end of the class.

What to wear

While your skin is the perfect dress, this may be confined to your home as nude yoga classes are few and far between. For public classes, wear any natural (i.e. cotton) comfortable clothing that allows unrestricted movement, or something stretchy as a form fitting leotard.  Tight fitting clothing can reduce circulation of blood and energy making clothing bad for your health.  Ladies please note;  a poorly fitting or to tight a bra worn while stretching can damage your breasts and accelerate sag, so if you must wear a bra, please ensure it is comfortable and allows you to stretch comfortably.

  • In class
    It is good to arrive and get settled a few minutes before the class is due to begin, but if you do come late which is sometimes unavoidable, simply enter and take your place in the class with as little fuss as possible.
    If you have any injuries or health problems you are aware of including pregnancy, please advise the teacher before class as some exercises may be unsafe for your condition.
    Do your best to follow the instructions and listen to your body, enjoy the exercises, some will be easy, others challenging. If you experience any problems, just call out & ask in class, or bring your question 5 mins before class.
  • Home practise
    The place of practice should be private, warm, comfortable and free from draughts as cold or draft can cause a chill/cold or flu. As for attire, being naked is most ideal.

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