Your Most Sensitive Organ

Stimulate Your Most Sensitive Organ


Spend time in nature to balance skin receptivity

Before your mind starts wandering, your skin is the most sensitive organ in your body.

The skin is the interface between us and the outside world.  It is the first line of defence against microscopic invaders; and it is also a link to the physiological world within our own bodies.

Your skin is loaded with sense receptors or nerve endings. These receptors, sense heat, cold, touch sensation and pain.  But every time you touch something or something or someone touches you; a sensation is felt in those touch receptors and a signal is sent to your brain.

Then your brain decides what is touching your skin. But the really fascinating part is that the feeling of touch or sensation is completely internal. While the sense receptors convey signals to the brain, it is your mind/brain that has the sensory experience.

The outer layers of the skin are known as the epidermis which forms a protective barrier over the body's surface, it's responsible for keeping water in the body and preventing pathogens from entering. Structurally it's known as stratified squamous epithelium, composed of proliferating basal and differentiated suprabasal keratinocytes. The Skin is also in communion with every organ helping to regulate your breathing and body temperature.

Basic care

Our skin grows from the inside out and therefore good nutrition is essential for healthy skin and the second aspect is cleansing.

Due to our interaction with the world and the fact that our skin sheds its dead cells, we need to wash the skin periodically. Depending on activities and climatic location, you may only need to wash your body once daily, but in very hot conditions, this may be two or three times per day.  Frequent washing is not so much about cleanliness, it is more about personal comfort but be aware that over washing and using harsh chemicals can damage the skin.

Skincare products

Many of these clog up the pores in the skin and dull our senses, therefore they are best avoided. Even when bathing is best to use the mildest of soap in minimal amounts. Perfumes and deodorants should also be used sparingly because the two condemns the skins sensitivity.


It is through our sensuality that we experience the world around us and to keep out since receptors functioning well, it is very helpful to spend some time naked every day.  Remember that our bodies are made of the stuff of the earth which is part of our environment. Therefore exposing our skin to the sun and the wind balances our sense of the world around us and sharpens our sense perception.

In addition to exposure to sun and wind, human touch is also important. If you thought that a good massage was little more than an idle indulgence, think again.

Because the skin is in communication with so much of the vital inner workings of our bodies, stimulating it can help activate the healthy functioning of the whole body. Just as good a picture is worth a thousand words, a good massage is worth a thousand vitamin pills.

Sense and sensuality


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