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Wisdom Applied to Life and Living

An analysis of the human condition from the perspective of ancient wisdom instead of belief systems.

Most intelligent people would agree that individually and collectively, we all want the freedom to be happy and free of suffering. Secondary to that idea, we all want to have and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle along with a range of modern technologies to make our lives more comfortable and facilitate communication which means preserving our planetary environment.

Wisdom tells us that despite what some people choose to believe, there is no beginning or end that we can conceive of so we are left to play in the middle and wonder yet we also have to live.

Over the past few thousand years we have looked outwards in an attempt to understand and tame the world we live in, yet for the most part we have avoided looking into the nature of being human. We are the only species capable of breaking the bonds of karma and creating the life we desire, but unfortunately the emphasis is on external control instead of self-knowledge and responsibility.

Only the experience of supreme ecstasies, the highest heights, the noblest aims,
the largest vistas truly satisfies one's soul
yet the mind oft remains at odds with the societal reality
that seeks to confine or even prohibit such experience.

When will we ever learn?

We struggle to break free of any binding yet in our struggles we bind ourselves more tightly in groundless beliefs that directly causes suffering to self and others. At the core of our humanity is a desire for happiness which we interpret in many ways depending on our individual environmental, economic and social structure.

The modern human has divorced itself from nature, it has created great cities and technology that serve the pleasure of a few while the majority are kept in suffering while being sold the idea that they are free. In truth, no one is free. Every individual is bound to their physicality and must come to terms with that in order to be happy.

We must learn and remember that this human body although there are more than 6 billion of us is a rarity in nature and the life that we have is a great privilege. This human body is the most sophisticated piece of technology on the planet, it gives us to move and manipulate our environment, and we are doing this in a way that is destroying the environment we depend on for life.

We pay lip service to the ideas about environment and the need to harmonise with it in order to survive, but we are ruled by stronger ideas and beliefs that regulate us. We have what we call mind that this mind is overridden by desire and some say that we have even lost our common sense, a function of mind that keeps us sane. We have reformed into a tribal collective governed by particular beliefs that have no substance in reality because no God can be made manifest and subject to external perception.

The human body and mind have simply become tools to manipulate life without any understanding of what life really is because we have divorced ourselves from our internal universe to become human doings instead of human beings. Humans doing stuff is inherently destructive not only to the environment and other people, but to the individual who is doing. Being human is another story, this is about embracing all of who we are and becoming inclusive of all life.

This idea of inclusivity and embracing life within and without is what makes us distinctly human as opposed to simply being clever animals who are shaping the world today. The only way to find our real humanity is to turn inwards, spend time in nature and relax. The words relaxation and meditation are synonymous because they are about disconnecting from the external world and experiencing one's internal world.

Because as a society we disconnect ourselves, movements have grown up to disconnect us from that deeper aspect of ourselves and we call these religions. It is long past time that we looked inwards, overcome our fears, assumed responsibility for our own lives and integrated with our planet and our universe. It is only in this way that we can really know the wonder and the majesty of being responsible human beings.

As a person thinks, so they become.


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