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Spiritual Health and Ideas About Being Human

While these pages may touch on health, they are not medical advise, they represent an esoteric view of the human body and what makes us human while disease is an aberration and a consequence of wrong living.

Contexting our bodies in nature. A discussion on our humanity and the human condition from the perspective of ancient wisdom instead of belief systems. As the Book of Breasts was so popular on the old site, it has been reproduced here.

Who are we?

Simply put, we are living organisms within an infinite cosmos. We have no directive beyond base survival and a desire for happiness. Yet being equipped with discriminating awareness, some intelligence and memory, we are capable of applying logic and reason to whatever situation we find ourselves, but logic an reason are often overpowered by beliefs and emotions.

There are three primary aspects to our human bodies:

The eternal soul component made of consciousness and karmic memory within an energetic structure referred to the 'the chakra system'. This is the basis of the physical body and sustains it making humans the most sophisticated life form on the planet we inhabit.

The body made from the dust of The Earth is the vehicle for our spiritual selves with a rudimentary mind or intelligence at the helm. The health and ability of the body is determined by the karmic imprint from previous lives, nutrition and our mental attitude.

The third aspect is that life is an illusion is two ways.

Firstly, as we look out and see the world, it is our senses that perceive our world and the activities around us and feed that information to our minds where the images reflecting what we see as reality are created.

Secondly, we know thanks to physics, the entirety of our physical universe is also an illusion. What we see as the hardest and strongest is made of energy condensed into particles which are always fluid though that fluidity is generally beyond our perception.

This description may not make sense because you choose to disbelieve in the idea of the soul, reincarnation or whatever, yet if you choose to explore your humanity, you may realise some truth here.

Image courtesy of Hegre Art
Our bodies

Some say that God created us in his/her own likeness. We were born naked and when we die, we leave behind all that has been created, wealth, fame and clothing although the clothing some choose to be buried in contaminate the soil.

God or not, our bodies are a product of nature and worthy of respect yet many people are offended by the human body be it their own or other peoples to the extent this undeniably beautiful image is considered to be indecent or even pornographic.

It you take offence, at any aspect of being human, please leave as these pages will offend you even further. But if you want to know more about who you are from an organic and holistic perspective, please read on as we uncover our anatomy and physiology.

We call ourselves human beings yet most of us are lost in doing stuff!

Our human body

This wonderful organism is the basis of our worldly experience and given the right circumstances, it is fully self healing, self repairing and capable of remaining healthy and active well beyond one hundred years as discussed in longevity.

The human body has many parts which co-operate to function as a complete entity or community, but it is typically dissected into it's constituent parts as head, torso, limbs and the systems of digestion, elimination and reproduction. Further reduction defines skin, bone, muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, blood, lymphatic, cerebrospinal and digestive fluids along with a host of enzymes, bacteria and other beneficial organisms making for ease of understanding. One of the unfortunate effects of dissection into component parts is that often the relationship to the 'whole' is lost.

All our body parts are linked by the central nervous system to create a co-ordinated functioning whole body linked into consciousness. Consciousness is less well understood by the mind, and this seems to be tied into our very identity; who are we? All we know for sure is that we are the sum total of parts listed above and that our survival is dependent on our planetary home and our peaceful co-existence with our fellow man. Some elements of consciousness are discussed under psychology.

We hold that every individual human body and human being is a marvel of creation, a treasure-house of the spirit to be celebrated regardless of gender or fortune, yet the human body is subject to judgement and many social, commercial, religious and political influences. Moralists and politicians argue that the body is sinful and this edict has come with such religious and political power, that generations of people have become afraid of their bodies and powerless.

Fortunately this era is now slipping away behind us, however these judgements affect and shape our lives to the detriment of freedom and where freedom is denied, health suffers. I do not argue for promiscuity, public nudity, I argue for universal responsibility and a good heart and conscious effort to create a world where everyone is self responsible and free of limiting judgements.

"If you are wearing clothes you instantly identify
yourself as somebody in this class or that.
If you take clothes away - gone."

"Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel."
~ Kevin Trudeau, laws of modern man.


We do not know if we evolved from the amoeba, if were created by divine intelligence, or some ancestor from the stars abandoned us here. While we continue to explore our origins we need to amicable coexist and generate happiness which is discussed here.

A look at Diet and Nutrition.


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