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Does history Matter?

Depending on who you talk to it does and it doesn't. For some who are completely content, all that matters is this moment but for those who feel uncertain about the nature and purpose of life, they look to history for clues and reasons for our existence.

In examining our history, the field of archaeology has developed. But this is not an exact science and the results of all our archaeological excavations and research produce results and answers which are suppositions and not facts. Of course many archaeologists and researchers dress up the evidence to fit into their particular theory.
Classical mythology is that of the Christian Bible in which all Christian biased researchers interpret all evidence as supporting Biblical theory. The Egyptian pyramids are a great source of contention as are many other legacy structures around the world.

The Egyptian pyramids have an alignment with constellation of Orion, but given the Earth's movement through space and time, that alignment occurred about 10,500 years ago. Similarly the Sphinx being a lion image that one would associate with the constellation of Leo was last facing the constellation 10,500 years ago. Geologists who have examined the Sphinx estimate from the weathering patterns and our limited knowledge of the regions climate estimated the Sphinx could have been constructed more than 35,000 years ago.

Climate change is something that archaeologists do not seem to take into account. For instance the Sinai Peninsula that is desert today was home to the African animals that were captured for the Roman blood sports. When Alexander marched east with his armies, he found a contemporary civilisation in the Oxis river valley. In fact at this time, it was possible to sail from the Mediterranean through the black sea and throat natural waterway into the Caspian. From there a waterway connected to the Aral Sea and the Oxis river was navigable by boat through northern Afghanistan.

In terms of the origin of our species, we seem to know very little. The accepted theory of Darwinian evolution is that we evolved from the apes through a succession of intermediary proto-human forms. One of the interesting questions here is that as there is no direct evidence of this, how is it that they are a great many of our primate cousins in existence with none of our intermediary ancestors?

Karma is
the residual momentum
of previous actions

Given the unimaginable vastness of the universe or as many people now think, a multi-verse in which there is not just one universe but an infinite number of universes. It is possible that existence may have been created through consciousness which seems more likely than it being an unconscious random event as there are two sides of existence; consciousness and energy.
Modern science has confirmed what the Buddha's and Yogi's understand that the universe is devoid of any inherent existence and that all life and all matter is a temporary manifestation of energy shaped by consciousness. This is why when consciousness leaves our bodies, the body returns to its basic elements that have their own consciousness. So even our material world, the soil, the stone, and the air we breathe can also evaporate into nothingness or pure energy without form until there is another dance with consciousness.

While we humans individuate ourselves, we too are manifestations of consciousness and one of the challenges in life is to resonate with that consciousness. To do this, all we need do is to become as Buddha or Christ. Unfortunately mankind is becoming more absorbed into materialism and turning the planet into a living hell.

It could well be in light of all the evidence that we are here to discover our humanity. The pyramid shape is representation that life feeds upon life in order to sustain physicality and the economic parallel is that the work of the poor and dispossessed maintain the wealth and privilege of a small elite.

Pyramids exist all over the world. The in 2014 archaeologists unearthed a pyramid structure in Java that has been reliably dated to 35,000 years ago. There are pyramids in China, North and South America and there is a pyramid in Bosnia more than twice the size of the great Pyramid at Gaza.

The experts tell us that the great Pyramid at Gaza was constructed as a tomb some 5000 years ago. But it is interesting that it lacks all the funerary decoration common to all other Egyptian burials. There is a group of scientists who have calculated that this pyramid could have been used as an electrical generator that distributed electricity through the atmosphere in a similar manner as Nicola Tesla tried to develop.

The only thing we know for certain about our distant past is that we do not know. We also know that we do not know much about our immediate past because all the books ever written have been compiled to suit a political agenda. In Western culture all we have are collections of myths and legends that some base their lives upon whereas in India the Vedas are a more accurate historical record that support Buddhist and yogic philosophy.

What these accounts tell us is that past, present and future exist simultaneously here and now, and that if we were to attain enlightenment, then we would know.

Looking now is out human civilisation our right to life, to liberty and even self-knowledge is being withheld by the powerful elite. People's opinions are dressed up as historic facts and truths of reality. As a population we are being dumbed down with misinformation and the chemical cocktail in our water and food supplies.

In a reasonably short period, we have gone from a feudal administration to democracy or communism. These two systems of governance attempted to ensure some social equity and freedom for the population, but these systems were perfect for the growth of capitalism which has given way to the corporatism that dominates the world today.

In our ignorance we have gone with the flow and succumbed to our slavery. We have always known that we were confined to this planetary environment, we have been hoodwinked into surrendering our real freedom and much of our happiness in order to serve our corporate masters.

We may think that casting votes at the polling station as being responsible, but it matters not really who is in government as governments to our subservient to the corporate masters despite the fact that their purpose is to protect the public commons and the rights and freedoms of the people.

The current course of civilisation is total destruction in large part because the United States of America cannot survive without enemies. It uses every pre-text to sow seeds of disharmony and create war. It is the military muscle behind corporate greed and it has become a manifestation of greed itself. But the consequences a deep internal suffering that is ripping apart the fabric of its society.

As the Buddha said, "suffering stems from ignorance". While we go on pretending that we know the truth, we will perpetuate ignorance and further suffering. It's time to recognise that we do not know and ask again why are we here?

But let's remember that we are not completely ignorant, there are some things that we do know. For instance, we know that the fire is hot and therefore we avoid putting a hand into it because to do so would cause suffering. Therefore we know that we do not like suffering.
We know that we live on this planet with many other people like ourselves as well as all the many other species and we know that none of them like to suffer. Therefore we need to moderate our activities so that we do not cause suffering to others.

We also know that when we receive kindness, it makes us feel good and we know that everyone and every living thing likes to feel good. Therefore we should moderate our activities to help other people to feel good. The real lesson from history is that we don't know and we need to focus on what we do know for the collective happiness and survival of not only our species, but all species.

Christmas is a time of celebration for many people in the world. For Christians it's about the birth of Jesus and the virgin birth. For the Egyptians who remember is about the birth of Horus and his virgin birth. Both of these gentlemen of the same message to humanity and Christmas is a time to reflect. Santa Claus on the other hand on that message comes from the Sami traditions in northern Scandinavia where Santa Claus was a wizard who was able to produce something from nothing; in other words he could manipulate energy into matter.

Unfortunately this tradition has been taken over by corporatism and the real magic has been lost. Corporatism and capitalism creates suffering and suffering leads to physical and spiritual death.

It's time to revise our history, to remember that life comes from life, so stop and do some deep breathing, and remember that deep within our soul we have the potential to give life and joy, to ourselves and each other.

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