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What happens when Dharma is not protected?

What happens when the radiation of Sun is stopped; the physical land will become barren, icy sheet covered and life as we know it will end.

When Dharma is not understood and synthetic worship becomes superficial then Dharma is not protected and the invasive evil overtakes and the innocents are enslaved and assassinated. The day any group of followers of Dharma wakes up and demolishes the falsehoods of Adharma Dharma will be applied.

Image: Durga has been a warrior goddess, and she is depicted to express her martial skills. Her iconography typically resonates with these attributes, where she rides a lion or a tiger, has between eight and eighteen hands, each holding a weapon to destroy and create. She is often shown in the midst of her war with Mahishasura, the buffalo demon at the time she victoriously kills the demonic force which is NOT a being but darkness and Adharma symbolized by a buffalo without brains. Her icon shows her in action, yet her face is calm and serene.

Unfortunately Indians lived in complacency and did not understand the deception and evil of invading forces and they continue to be swayed by false talking thugs in name of a fake secularism thus they will be enslaved more and more by the encroaching Adharmis from many sides - TILL they wake up.

Saraswati Ma has another form which is least understood by the people of Dharma and that is Durga & Chandi that must wake up as that is the energy needed to suppress the devilish elements.

Durga is also worshipped in the form of her nine forms called Navadurga . Durga is depicted in the Hindu pantheon as a Goddess riding a lion or tiger, with many arms each carrying a weapon, often defeating Mahishasura literally a buffalo demon BUT in reality its meaning is Darkness or Agyanta.

Silly people in India still think Mahish Asura to be a real being. It is merely a symbol of darkness that should be understood in right perspective. Durga, is Adi Parashakti, Devī, Shakti, Parvati (primary form/name), Amba, Kali and by numerous other names, is a principal and popular form of Hindu Goddess. She is the warrior goddess, whose mythology centres around combating evils and demonic forces that threaten peace, prosperity and dharma of the good. She is the fierce form of the protective mother goddess.

Never ever forget that Ma Durga is just another format of Ma Saraswati as DURGA comes from DURG a fortress which means to make a fortress to protect Dharma. It is a symbol and NOT a real 9 armed entity as Devic Energy has thousands of arms or endless power whose real purpose is to slay darkness. THIS WORLD is full of darkness and foolish thrive on that.

Attempt to understand the real meaning of Ma Durga and her various forms on whose variations so many cities around India grew and had dedicated temples. The lion is a symbol of ferocious courage and no fear. Trident and Trishool and all other symbols like braces/arms are symbols of different forms of aggressive energy of light to slay the darkness.

Durga is exalted as the divine in Dasam Granth, a sacred text of Sikhism that is traditionally attributed to Guru Gobind Rai [Singh]. According to Eleanor Nesbitt, this view has been challenged by Sikhs who consider Sikhism to be monotheistic, who hold that a feminine form of Supreme and a reverence for Goddess is "unmistakably of Hindu character" In Nepal, the festival dedicated to Durga is called Dashain (sometimes spelled as Dasain), which literally means "the ten".

Dashain is the longest national holiday of Nepal, and is a public holiday in Sikkim and Bhutan. During Dashain, Durga is worshipped in ten forms (Shailaputri, Brahmacharini, Chandraghanta, Kushmanda, Skandamata, Katyayani, Kalaratri, Mahagauri, Mahakali and Durga) with one form for each day in Nepal. In Bangladesh, the four-day-long Sharadiya Durga Puja is the most important religious festival for the Hindus and celebrated across the country with Vijayadashami being a national holiday.

In Sri Lanka, Durga in the form of Vaishnavi, bearing Vishnu's iconographic symbolism is celebrated. This tradition has been continued by Sri Lankan diaspora. Over its history, some Buddhist traditions adopted Vedic and Hindu ideas and symbols. For example, the fierce Vajrayana Buddhist meditational deity Yamantaka, also known as Vajrabhairava, developed from the pre-Buddhist god of death, Yama. The Tantric traditions of Buddhism included Durga and developed the idea further. In Japanese Buddhism, she appears as Butsu-mo (sometimes called Koti-sri) In Tibet, the goddess Palden Lhamo is similar to the protective and fierce Durga.

Archeological site excavations in Indonesia, particularly on the island of Java, have yielded numerous statues of Durga. These have been dated to be from 6th century onwards. Of the numerous early to mid medieval era Hindu deity stone statues uncovered on Indonesian islands, at least 135 statues are of Durga. In parts of Java, she is known as Loro Jonggrang (literally, "slender maiden").

In Cambodia, during its era of Hindu kings, Durga was popular and numerous sculptures of her have been found. However, most differ from the Indian representation in one detail. The Cambodian Durga iconography shows her standing on top of the cut buffalo demon head. Durga statues have been discovered at stone temples and archaeological sites in Vietnam, likely related to Champa or Cham dynasty era.
One of the earliest evidence of reverence for Devi - the feminine nature of God, appears in chapter 10.125 of the Rig Veda, one of the scriptures of Hinduism. This hymn is also called the Devi Suktam hymn:

I am the Queen, the gatherer-up of treasures, most thoughtful, first of those who merit worship.
Thus gods have established me in many places with many homes to enter and abide in.
Through me alone all eat the food that feeds them, each man who sees, breathes, hears the word outspoken.
They know it not, yet I reside in the essence of the Universe. Hear, one and all, the truth as I declare it.
I, verily, myself announce and utter the word that gods and men alike shall welcome.
I make the man I love exceedingly mighty, make him nourished, a sage, and one who knows Brahman.
I bend the bow for Rudra [Shiva], that his arrow may strike, and slay the hater of devotion.
I rouse and order battle for the people, I created Earth and Heaven and reside as their Inner Controller.
On the world's summit I bring forth sky the Father: my home is in the waters, in the ocean as Mother.
Thence I pervade all existing creatures, as their Inner Supreme Self, and manifest them with my body.
I created all worlds at my will, without any higher being, and permeate and dwell within them.
The eternal and infinite consciousness is I, it is my greatness dwelling in everything.

~ Devi Sukta, Rigveda

A ridiculous lawyer accidental projected as Mahatma [he has nothing of being a Maha Atma] gandhi misapplied Dharma Ahinsa as unarmed struggle which in reality is cowardice and that ahinsa literally is asking others to invade us and destroy us. Enough of Fake gandhi ideas. India needs to wake up and follow TRUE DHARMA. Empower women and respect women and use the female energy to unleash unified force against the devilishness, darkness and adharma.

Durga is present in Indian Nationalism where Bharat Mata i.e. Mother India is viewed as a form of Durga. This is completely secular and keeping in line with the ancient ideology of Durga as Mother and protector to Indians. She is present in pop culture and blockbuster Bollywood movies like Jai Santoshi Maa.

The Indian Army uses phrases like "Durga Mata ki Jai!" and "Kaali Mata ki Jai!". Any woman who takes up a cause to fight for goodness and justice is said to have the spirit of Durga in her!

According to legend, Durga was created for the slaying of the buffalo demon Mahisasura [Darkness, poor education and cowardice using terrorising and creating fear] by Tri energy creative force Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and the lesser gods, who were otherwise powerless to overcome him.

Embodying their collective energy (shakti), she is both derivative from the male divinities and the true source of their inner power. She is also greater than any of them. Born fully grown and beautiful, Durga presents a fierce menacing form to her enemies. She is usually depicted riding a lion and with 8 or 10 arms, each holding the special weapon of one of the gods, who gave them to her for her battle against the buffalo demon. Durga-puja, held annually in her honour, is one of the great festivals of north eastern India.

Durga is a protector of Dharma who assist those who engage with her to discover their inner strengths and stand up for righteousness, the qualities of Dharma designed to ensure the happiness, freedoms and continuity of life for all living things.

By guest author Dr Naila Shirazi

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