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An example of rational thinking or real knowledge?

Reincarnation is typically associated as being part of a philosophy relating to Yoga, Hinduism and Buddhism that is used to provide some incentive for what is considered to be good moral behaviour, but what is less known is that reincarnation was a key Christian teaching until the 1st council of Nicaea in 325AD perhaps because reincarnation was central to the pagan and spiritual understanding of life.

That pagan understanding of life evolved from tens of thousands of years of people's life experiences and along with elemental truths such as our bodies being made from the dust of the earth, they understood reincarnation as being a fundamental element of being human and part of life. So given the weight of anecdotal evidence in terms of people's testimonies that they have remembered past lives but aside from Duncan MacDougall's attempt to weigh bodies at the point of death where he determined a soul weighed 21 g, the question remains beyond the capacity of science.

Science is good at some things but not good at everything and because today science is more often used to prove false words as being true for commercial gain, the idea of reincarnation along with any plausible definition of 'what is life' and therefore we can only look to the testimonies of individuals who claim to have memory of past lives.

Firstly, less discount all those people who remembered they were some famous person in a previous life, those memories are more akin to hallucinations and shaped by a variety of factors which include the maintenance of some social status or to alleviate their own fear of death. The testimonies that are in fact believable are the considerable number of children who over the years have spoken of provable facts.

Science remains quiet on that point and those who control science choose not to elaborate on what is considered to be the scientifically verified fact that the part of ourselves we call as our soul is an energy that is indestructible. In fact every 'thing' in this universe is composed out of a coalition of energy and while the forms of matter change over time, they cannot be completely destroyed, not even in a nuclear holocaust.

children who report memories of previous lives

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