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And a New World Order based on Dharma

If the world continues on its present course, by the year 2050, the population will be over 9 billion and everyone will have to learn to survive on 40% less of everything that we enjoy today.

That's less water, less oxygen, less materials to produce things and the way of modern agriculture we will also have 40% less land because that would been destroyed by agricultural chemical use.

At present we have democracies which have been co-opted by capitalism to serve the interests of the global elite. If we were able to wipe the slate and begin again, economically, everyone would own what they own.

People who were indebted to Banks and landlords would now own their property. In this scenario, perhaps the bankers who still own their own properties may have to find new occupations because to prevent the agreement of debt, credit would have to be severely limited and interest regulated.

A new world

Imagine if you will a world where everyone is debt free and everyone is in ownership for the temporary length of their lifetime all that they possessed before the change. People who were engaged in various trades and services would still be fulfilling the same role. The world would see a trend towards vegetarianism and those who don't have a role to play in society may well find themselves engaged in environmental restoration.

Would be no shipping of food across the world except to meet regional emergencies due to disasters and we could have a general disarmament and the complete deconstruction of all nuclear weapons. The governments would remember that they are elected by the people to serve the needs of the communities and they would be required to put corporate masters back in their place as a new world would have no room for exploitative corporations.

We would still have all our science and technology except that the manufacturing sector would move to making goods that would last people for a lifetime and we would see the end of consumer society. In the near future and to change, probably everyone would not have a cell phone, but it is unlikely that they would ever be more than a few minutes away from a communication channel.

Modern governments are collectives of people fighting for their own survival and advancement through the social/political strata of society. The governments of the day need to be reminded of their duty to the nation and the welfare of the people. The police and military also must have their first duty to the people and their welfare.

There is no way of ridding the world of criminals, but in a world guided by Sanatana Dharma and Vedanta, we would have a new era of peace and prosperity. We have about 80 or so years left in this cycle of Dwapara yuga and if we could achieve such transformation, then the Tetra yuga would see an explosion in new technologies that may allow us to explore our physical universe in more detail.

How we create our world is up to us, but change always takes time. In the past change as most often been violent but when one dictator has been overthrown, another rises in its place. We only have to look at our world of the past 100 years, two major world wars and countless minor wars I which most were instigated and supported by corporate interests. In present day Middle East we have proxy wars and so many terrible things happening it is impossible to clearly define what exactly is going on.

We need a global plan for success and success is measured by our collective survival and happiness. We don't want to degenerate into a world as depicted in the movie the hunger games or the book 1984. We all need to remember that we are not this mind and we're not this body, we all need to remember that we are part of life and although we have a certain capacity to manipulate life, by doing so as we are we risk destroying ourselves and everything else we hold precious.

In terms of social equity, there can only be a equal opportunity because not everyone is blessed with the same intellectual capacity, but there must be equity and human rights in terms of access to nourishment, water and shelter.

If you have read thus far, congratulations. To summarise what I have just written, I am advocating that the world becomes almost entirely Hindu even though the term is more to do with the region and is definitely not a religion.

Of course should such reforms never take place, all religions and isms would fall by the wayside to be replaced by real knowledge and the appreciation of being alive.


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