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Is Samadhi a Possibility for Me?

Sadhguru : Let us understand what Samadhi is. Samadhi means to have an intellect that is equanimous. In the very nature of how you are right now, you always understand intellect as a discriminatory process. It is the ability to discriminate which is valuable to you. So if you make it equanimous, what is the point?

The intellect should be like a knife. If a knife has no sharpness to cut, then what is a knife? This is a logical question that arises from the limited nature of the intellect itself. So this whole dimension of what we are referring to as Samadhi comes up because your understanding of the intellect is that it is a cutting instrument, and you are constantly using it like a scalpel to dissect everything, analyze everything, and draw conclusions from that analysis.

When your intellect is sharp, it gives you a false sense of knowing everything, but it is cutting everything into pieces. As you cut it into more and more minute pieces, you begin to realize that you know less and less. As your knowledge improves, your knowing goes down. In today's world, our education systems and our idea of learning and knowing is such that we can cut open and know everything. You should try yourself first. Instead of cutting open a frog, a cockroach, or this and that, first you must try yourself! At least that will end the problem.

Samadhi is an illogical dimension, a dimension that your intellect cannot perceive. So, a question about Samadhi is not appropriate. If there is no logic, there is no language. Language is a product of your logic. The understanding of language, the whole mechanism in our brain that grasps language is a logical dimension of our existence. Talking about Samadhi is no good because the more we talk, the more we will go round and round, not getting anywhere. This is the nature of the intellect - it will cut through everything to see what is there. This is important for a diagnosis, but not for aesthetics or experience. Samadhi is a dimension of experience where you brought your intellect to a certain level of neutrality. It is like putting your knife in the sheath - then it is harmless; it is not cutting anything. Your experience of life is simply wonderful.

For the sake of understanding, Samadhis are classified into eight different segments. Fundamentally, there are two dimensions of Samadhi: one is Savitarka or Savikalpa - the other is Nirvikalpa or Nirvitarka. The first dimension has a quality of blissfulness, joy, love. Love not in the sense of being drawn towards someone sweet. You are dripping with sweetness within you. You may have a stoic, stone-like face, but you are dripping with sweetness within you. This is one kind of Samadhi. This level of Samadhi allows you activity - you can function.

Nirvikalpa or Nirvitarka means it has no quality. Because it has no quality, it does not allow action. Action needs quality. Without some kind of quality, you cannot function. This is why people have been talking about qualities like goodness and love - because these are sweet ways to function. If you do not have that sweetness within you, then as you function, you get corroded.

Let us say you are a young person, you are brilliantly qualified, but you do not have a job - a great misery! You may be one of the suicide cases. But once you get a job, you are on top of the world because you think you got enhanced by your job. You do not understand that there may be something useful to do for everyone. Maybe you are earning your living, which is fine. But you have created this false perception within yourself that you got enhanced because you have something to do. After some time, the same job corrodes you. What is it that people are suffering? Studies show that a good percentage of Americans hate their job. I hope you are not one of them. If you are doing something you hate, I can imagine what is happening within you.

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