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The technology of being human

Understanding the chakras is important if you are going to venture into advanced self knowledge and energy work although simple things like energy clearing do not require any knowledge at all, but it is required that you suspend any doubts or disbelief to allow your energy to work.

Part one - Energy follows thought.

If there is no thought or impulse, nothing will happen - for all activity and creation, there must be an original thought. This means that after a massage, if you are doing a simple energy cleanse, you must have the thought or better still the visualisation that it is taking place.

Are chakras a cultural appropriation?

This question overshadows human development and the science of yoga which originated in India. However chakras as part of human physiology as much as muscles and blood. So explore your chakras but give credit for their discovery and the knowledge we have about them to the mystic scientists of India.

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