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DNA or Deoxyribonucleic acid

dna_2Image: DNA symbol circa 5000 BC which became a medical symbol

DNA is often thought of as the blueprint of our body inherited from our parents and then passed in through our genes to our children. What is little known however is that there has been a knowledge of DNA for thousands of years across India and Persia, and this was used to prevent inbreeding within the population. This is known as 'gotra' and families were able to trace their lineage back for many thousands of years.

The way it was practised could also be described as eugenics because it kept the population healthy. In another aspect, it is referred to as karma or memory. This memory is contained within the DNA and explains why your nose looks much the same as your ancient ancestors.

Sceptics may well think that this is not possible, but remember that Buddha was the first person to name the different parts of an atom in about 2600 BC. In the West we think that we discovered everything, but as more and more history is revealed, a great deal of ancient knowledge has not only be found to be contemporary with modern science, in many instances ancient knowledge is showing Western scientists the way forwards in their research.

The double helix of DNA is also reflective of the core energy system within the human body. Here the Ida and Pingala embrace the Kundalini and this is also symbolised by the twin snakes of the medical symbol.

The science of genetics

  • Is the study of our DNA and Genes.
  • Tries to identify which features are inherited
  • Tries to explain how our features are passed from generation to generation and
  • Tries to explain what our genes are they are and how they work.

We inherited our genes from our parents and so on back though history. To a certain extent, our genes determine how our children appear as they will inherit our genes. This gives them a foundation to grow from, so if you plan on having a family, you need to improve your own health to give your offspring a better chance at life.

DNA to understand history

One understanding of our DNA indicates that our distant ancestors came out of Africa some 70,000 years ago. Theory says that everyone - Chinese, European, American, Polynesian - everyone and yet we are all different. DNA researchers have actually proved that many of us modern humans carry the DNA from our ancient ancestors such as the now extinct Neanderthal man.

Video: an unsung hero in the discovery of DNA

Some scientists argue that DNA is stable and unchanging, if so, how do they explain our ethnic diversity. However there are some flaws in the out of Africa theory as there are diverse groups of humanoids known to have lived across the world. There are also genetic similarities between the peoples of Natal, south India and Australia that cannot be explained by the out of Africa theory.

Another theory contends that DNA is affected by diet, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, environmental and social stresses which changes DNA. Consequently we get many diverse changes in our evolution from small differences in appearance and susceptibility or resistance to new diseases.

The video to the right discuses Genetics & The structure of DNA.


Within each and every one of us, it was thought that DNA did not change very much over time. However research conducted by European scientists has shown that DNA can be changed in a very short time.

  1. For instance, when a person has a genetic predisposition towards any particular physical or mental weakness and that person performs 20 minutes or more of vigorous exercise daily, that genetic element can be neutralised for a short time.
  2. Similarly, if a person switches to a Organic whole-food diet over a period of several weeks, it too will turn off negative (disease causing) genetic traits.

These two points have great significance for human health and reproduction. As these two activities, modify our DNA on a temporary basis, those traits will be passed on to any offspring. So if you are trying to conceive and want to raise healthy children with a lower disposition to any health problems that you have suffered in your life, then adopting a healthy diet and exercise plan prior to conception may mean that your offspring are much healthier.

These results were first achieved using mice, the females were first fed an unhealthy diet and they produced babies with a predisposition toward poor health. Then they fed the same mice with a very healthy diet and their offspring this time were much healthier. The significance of this is that now we understand that we actually have some control over our DNA, as well as some control over the outcome of our offspring. This change however is temporary, an hour or so after exercise, and within a few days of leaving a healthy diet, the degenerate conditions will return.

Some yogis have a view that when the human organism is bought to a peak level of health and fitness, and the predominant emotion is joy; then DNA will become optimised and strengthened. This can then be improved over the generations and may be a way to reverse the problem of declining health and fertility that is sweeping the world today. Such a view is scoffed at by the corporate scientific community as that view does not equate to financial rewards in today's economic environment. However it is logical that people who are completely healthy and happy will produce the healthiest offspring.

The discovery of DNA in Europe

"Many people believe that American biologist James Watson and English physicist Francis Crick discovered DNA in the 1950s. In reality, this is not the case. Rather, DNA was first identified in the late 1860s by Swiss chemist Friedrich Miescher. Then, in the decades following Miescher's discovery, other scientists including Phoebus Levene and Erwin Chargaff who carried out a series of research efforts that revealed additional details about the DNA molecule, its primary chemical components and the ways in which they joined with one another. Then Rosalind Franklin pioneered a method of X-ray Crystallography allowing DNA images to be created. Without the scientific foundation provided by these pioneers, especially Rosalind Franklin, Watson and Crick may never have reached their groundbreaking conclusion of 1953: that the DNA molecule exists in the form of a three-dimensional double helix." Scitable.

Researchers in 2016 have since discovered and proved an ancient Hindu understanding that DNA can be programmed/re-programmed by a persons attitudes, ideas, beliefs and other environmental factors. The old scientific paradigm espousing that inert genes were the brain of the cell, directing and controlling which proteins become expressed and how in every cell is changeable so we are not just victims of heredity.

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