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Belief In One Creator God

Seeded from Zoroastrian that has almost ceased to exist, the main Abrahamic religions are Judaism, Christianity, Islam and their sub sects. Lesser known are the Bahai, Yezidi, Druze, Samaritan and Rastafari Faiths.

There was a time before the Abrahamic religions when humanity lived a more genuinely spiritual and communal existence celebrating life. They were quietly evolving their knowledge of the world and the sciences with the help and guidance of yogis and mystics. Life flowed according to Dharma, the people were prosperous and the concept of dharmic or harmonious living spread around the world.

With the advent of major climate change brought about as the last ice age ended, the polar caps melted and sea levels rose some 120 metres. Entire populations were compelled to leave their homes and towns on what are now the continental shelves of most landmasses. This changed the nature of economics and the roles many people traditionally played. Farmers became merchants and traders, men took charge and patriarchal capitalism emerged.

This new materialist force (patriarchal capitalism) was an abstraction and gave birth to the ideas like 'profit at any cost', 'Usery' and slavery all to facilitate pleasure for those in charge. Conversely it also opened the door to banditry but within the parent communities, a degree of turmoil was created as the new patriarchal capitalists attempted to assert control over regional populations.

Within India, the patriarchal capitalists were initially pushed out and this can be seen as the fall from grace or the expulsion from the garden of Eden. The event is known as the Vedanta Avesta split with Avesta the somewhat hastily contrived philosophy employed to pacify the spiritual needs of the population struggling to adapt to the new materialistic and patriarchal capitalist ideology.

The text today known as 'The Avesta' became the foundation of Zoroastrianism, the world's first belief system. It borrowed heavily from Vedanta and used many of the existing Hindu gods and deities although these were renamed. The businessmen were in charge, the newly indoctrinated priests and the temples became tools to control the people keeping them from any direct spiritual experience because that enabled them to see through the illusions created by the businessmen.

Within Vedanta, the gods were many and for the most part they were metaphorical. Shiva, Siva or Shiv portrayed as Ardhanarishvara referred to the divine creative principal or the point of creation. In Zoroastrianism, this became Ahura Mazda, Yahweh in Judaism, the Christ in Christianity and Allah in Islam.

There is little doubt that while Zoroastrianism is not considered to be in Abrahamic religion, it surely must be because Abraham was from Zoroastrian stock and from reading in the biblical book of Genesis, he was fleeing some sort of persecution or misfortune making it clear at the time that slavery was a cultural phenomenon and that patriarchal capitalism was well-developed.

There is no evidence as to the existence of this mythical Abraham and he may have just emerged in some campfire story to be passed on and embellished though it is highly probable that some character or more than one like him were sent out to establish new territories and streams of wealth or it could be that he was out to build his own independent empire.

It's unlikely we will ever know the exact truth but it's clear that the concept of a creator god, especially one that is uniquely masculine and against nature is an affront to commonsense and the simplest of logic or reason because nothing in nature exist as a 'one-of-a-kind'.

To summarise: the patriarchal capitalists having been disruptive and thrown out of the Garden of Eden by the peaceful community began establishing a new ideology and social system based on materialism and the pleasure of the senses. They turned aside from any genuine enquiry into the nature of being human and created religion as a lifeless enterprise and pacification tool so as to keep their real plans concealed.

Those who formulated Judaism consolidated their territories around what is now modern day Israel and they had conflicts with their more aggressive neighbours leading to their forced exile in Babylon. It's said here that although having been beaten militarily, they were not out and as slaves they also found time to re-write the their spiritual texts and develop strategies to gain their freedom.

The legendary Jesus was born from Judaism and various legends about him state that he spent considerable time studying in India. If one is to read the Gnostic gospels, the words attributed to Jesus other same words that Lord Buddha used many generations previously. It seems probable that at the time, no Greek scholar was worth his salt unless he had studied in India where Takshila was the world's foremost university having been established in about 700 BC.

The biblical account while leaving the formative years of Jesus blank tells us that he objected to the materialism supported by the religious hierarchy and he collected a group of followers referred to as the Gnostics or seekers of truth. Those who called themselves followers of Christ (hence Christians) although what the world knows today as Christianity was constructed as an administrative tool for the Roman Empire more than three hundred years later.

When we come to Islam, this again grew out of Christianity and Judaism. While the world seems to acknowledge the prophet Mohammed as the initiator of the idea, it seems more likely that the business leaders in Baghdad shaped the religion and employed semiliterate men to officiate over it, incentivising people to adopt the new ideology then enforcing it.


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