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Snubbing Islamic Morality

This is a story that everyone should take note to to better understand how Islam functions, it's cruel reality and implications for Islamic host countries. 

Born in Afghanistan during the Taliban regime and moved to the UK as a child aged 9, Yasmeena rebelled against the nonsense that ruled her life.  Yasmeena in her speech below gives  a synopsis of Islam and living as a Muslim inside ond outside an Islamic country.

What Yasmeena describes as common to the many thousands of people born Muslim and escaped when their sensibility and appreciation of life awakened. That is something that takes great courage as you can really turn their backs on their families and communities. But what is more fascinating about Yasmeena's story is the fact that she went from but a modelling and became a porn actress.

Many people think that she has jumped from the frying pan into the fire this and those who celebrate her escape from Islam now condemn her for her choice of profession. When we look at the range of patients, the global corporate managers who essentially hoodwink the world into buying products that are toxic to human health and the environment are celebrated because of been successful in business whereas someone who creates a business through the pleasure of their own bodies and in a way giving pleasure to others is derided as being immoral.

Our world is so full of issues that affect their well-being and there are so many issues that we have to fight for to preserve our well-being that taking time out to get hot and bothered over someone who shares their body images and enjoyment of physical pleasure seems irrelevant.

Yasmeena interview Pt 1

Our modern world is unbelievably perverse and that perversity as a result of sociopolitical controls.

This perversity is about beliefs, politics, governance, economics and human greed which are based on ignorance and cause so much suffering, the two thousand years religious groups have been trying to control human sexuality in order to create an idealistic community whereas politicians try to control sexuality in order to have a highly productive workforce.

The course while the churches made monogamy the ideal and conspired with political leadership to keep the workers noses to the grindstone without any free time to explore sexuality, an experience denied to the unmarried the priests and politicians have always been highly promiscuous exercising their own liberal freedoms while denying the general population.

Yasmeena interview Pt 2

In this modern era after World War II when the USA took over global leadership, liberalisation pornography into the public domain whereas before it had been reserved for priests, business leaders and politicians. But they were powerless to control it and today is become an accepted part of our social and political environment.

Within our spiritual literature there are stories of monks who have taken accommodation with women defined as prostitutes and having loose morals yet the outcomes have always been pleasant for both parties. The well-known researcher and writer Joseph Campbell advises people to follow them less and around our world there are a great many women who are disinclined to have children and are happy to enjoy the physical pleasure of their bodies and the intellectual pleasure that goes with that because when a woman is responsible for herself and is not being kept prisoner, to be a successful Courtisan porn star is just as rewarding as being successful in any other endeavour.

Those who negatively judge these women are themselves referring to their own internal conflicts and they are suffering the legacy of moral imposition.

"The more I explored my sexuality, the freer, and happier, I became. I discovered I am an exhibitionist and I love sex; thus, I applied to several porn companies, working my way onward, at my own pace and comfort level, from "wholesome" producers like Abby Winters to extreme fetish scenes under my own brand name. Every step of the way, I've made my own decisions and drawn my own boundaries, no one forces me to do anything.

As a sex-positive feminist, I speak out against all ideologies - secular and religious - which maintain taboos and oppressive traditions. The way I see it, I am here to breathe free, to create, to live my life to the fullest and to do as I please in voluntary relations with other adults.

The chief lesson of my journey is that even while different political and religious contexts are by no means spiritually equivalent, it is still possible to be a prisoner of your mind regardless of your situation or society. Yet it is also possible to break free of these barriers - I know I did."

In ancient India procreation was regulated to produce healthy offspring and this legacy endures today in most countries because we seek out genetically different partners to breed with and it is the law most countries that one should not reproduce with one's close family, but today having sex can be done consensually and safely, people enjoying performing and others enjoy watching and the idea that this is wrong is actually diminishing as in some Western countries sex work is illegal and valid occupation yet people still judge because they are conflicted about their own sexuality and sense of morality.

In casting aside her family and imposed belief system, Yasmeena is little different any other person turning aside from a materialistic and preordained life to become a truly responsible being. This is not about good or bad, moral or immoral, it is simply a choice. One must also remember in regards to Islam, in essence it is about giving me an absolute control over women's lives. The Islamic man is obliged by the letter of his faith to keep several wives and to pleasure himself with many others. Non-Muslim woman are to be his plaything, his porn star and have details of her for some reason he has the divine right to sell or even kill her.

Abandoning Islam for a life in porn
Yasmeena on Twitter


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