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The Biblical expression

Amen is commonly used as a declaration of affirmation or agreement, a concluding word and a response to prayer as in the Hebrew אָמֵן, the Greek ἀμήν, Arabic آمِينَ, Amharic አሜን and in Christian English.

In modern use, amen is literally taken to mean; "The truth (subjective) has been spoken". It can also be used to express strong agreement, as in, for instance, "certainly", "to be sure" or "amen to that". Other English translations of the word amen include "verily", "truly", and "so be it".

Phonetically the A infers collusion and agreement to men as superior. The more drawn out use of AaaMenn (reflects a natural instinct for unity) ending hymns is a step back towards OM often pronounced as A-O-U-MM embodying universal sound which is uplifting and fulfilling on a spiritual level. Amen is confined to the temporal deviating from the truth conveyed by the use of OM or AUM.

In the written record, amen was first used in the Hebrew bible or torah, then later in the New Testament. However, the roots of this word amen go much further back into our prehistory and colloquially appear in many pirate tales representing strong agreement and obedience. This is perhaps a truer reflection of the word which goes back thousands of years to a time when groups of men having discovered the transient joys of material wealth and the fruits of capitalism, divorced themselves from the predominantly matriarchal society that functioned as parts of the body are made up of cells, sharing the same basic biological elements but were specialized in function.

These newfound men who began to evolve their lives around personal greed and transient pleasures in effect turned their backs on civilisation to become pirates, vagabonds and thieves with a hierarchical structure. The matriarchal civilisation they were divorcing themselves from was more akin to a body: a single non authoritarian functioning entity composed of a number of different and complementary units, each with its own autonomy and particular function within the whole.

Such deviance (as in the Story of Omar) progressed slowly over many hundreds of years so that in many societies, the arising of patriarchal capitalism would have gone largely unnoticed or would have been overlooked by the general populace. However over many hundreds of years the haves attracted the have-nots and trade became militarised into raids giving rise to the tiered structure of civilisation we have today.

Way back then, crime lords and pirate kings became legitimised through generating wealth and overpowering those more vulnerable. As the power structure grew, so did the requirement for those joining the bandwagon to be obedient so we get the 'A' implying "AYE" (the sailors term aye aye meaning 'obediently yes'), a form of covert agreement to elevate men as 'SUPERIOR' with authority over life on earth, making mischief and therefore forever denigrating women.

A matriarchal civilisation gave the population peace with the greatest degree of self autonomy possible and its remnants in India have enabled the country to endure more than a thousand years of hostile and exploitive occupation.

In contrast, the patriarchal civilisation we have today is in effect like a pyramid with the majority doing the work to maintain the few who wield power and authority. When patriarchy emerged thousands of years ago it was a deception and a crime against life and a denial of the divine feminine principal that resides in us all; including in those men who represent of folow the patriarchy.

The word "Man" is non gender from the Sanskrit "mana" meaning "that which thinks," however the physical man who sets himself apart denigrates the word and divorces himself from objective truth to indulge in subjectivity. Therefore man divorced from the Divine feminine believing in the superior male god becomes unbalanced, unhinged and not only in denial of the truth of life but incapable of responding to life or recognising objective truth.

As "man" goes further from "nature" it automatically becomes patriarchal as they forget that the one who is in charge is "Mother Nature" which is why all over the world the ancients worshipped the Mother Goddess.

Some think of "Amen" as a derivation of the Egyptian god Amun Ra, however he is also a reflection of the patriarchy.


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