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An age of degeneration - Revised from Part One

The availability of new evidence of our ancient past tells us that over much of the world before 10,000 BC, animism and superstitions based on natural phenomenon were widespread across the planet yet within what of the time was greater India, people were searching for the truth of existence and the teachings within Vedanta evolved then quickly spread around the globe.

There is little archaeological evidence to substantiate this claim that Vedanta spread quickly around the world but there can be no doubt that Vedanta from that time was a very sophisticated yet practical set of understandings that help people to organise themselves in a very harmonious way as well is a satisfying all there inner needs. Vedanta in effect explained the world, Sanatana dharma guided people is to how to live and the spiritual practices described in Vedanta gave them a sense of satisfaction, joy and involvement in life that they had no need to search for pleasure.

Between 8000 and 5000 BC, the population was growing as was agriculture, there was dramatic climate change with sea level rose, entire populations were forced to move and from the upheaval, patriarchal capitalism emerged along with international communication and trade. Men began to assume control and women became subservient, profits became paramount and Zoroastrianism represented the new patriarchal capitalist society where the gods became tools of convenience enabling men to control entire populations.

In India, Vedanta and Sanatana Dharma remained strong and the Hindu civilisation continued to blossom for a short time only to be corrupted by patriarchal capitalism which spread through the country like a virus which eventually undermined a largely dharmic and democratic nation of individuals. West of Afghanistan, patriarchal capitalism evolved Zoroastrianism which in turn evolved Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

While Vedanta prescribed knowing life, the new patriarchal capitalist religions began denying the principles of Vedanta refusing to accept the idea of karma, turning the idea of reincarnation into the idea of some kind of heaven or rewarded the hereafter for doing one's duty to the Masters in society. While India remained a largely communal society with democratic processes and a strong sense of spirituality, in the West spirituality was lost to a relentless search for pleasure and a sense of happiness from outside of oneself began to intensify.

Vedanta prescribed knowing oneself as a part of life and participating in the creation with certain spiritual practices enabling an expansion of perception which put India at the forefront of all scientific thought that the world has since copied. Religions they have always been in service of patriarchal capitalism to control the population and most importantly the labour force preferred to have people believe in things reinforcing the idea that they were somehow stupid which blocked them from accessing the knowledge and tools that facilitated true spirituality.

Religions today continue to serve patriarchal capitalism and the pleasure of the ruling elite while blocking the common people from true spiritual knowledge which is why Hinduism and Buddhism are flourishing outside of India. The downside for India is that after 1200 years of occupation on top of Sanatana Dharma being weakened by the patriarchal capitalist virus, it is continuing to crumble under the relentless force of well funded missions to politically subdue and convert the population and have them believe instead of know and live by the truth.

Jaya Ganehsa!
To the Ganesha within us! "Who holds the divine joy in His hand as a sweet, and Who always strives to accomplish the liberation of those who practice continuously, Who with a joyful Spirit protects the World, Who is without any master but is Himself the only master, Who Protects those who practice, by destroying the harmful habits of the mind, When surrendered to, He destroys these inauspicious tendencies quickly; I salute this great inner Guru and surrender to this guide within me"

mudākarāttamodakam sadā vimuktisādhakam kalādharāvatamsakam vilāsilokaraksakam । anāyakaikanāyakam vināśitebhadaityakam natāśubhāśunāśakam namāmi tam vināyakam ॥  

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