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The original science and key to our survival as a species

The tragedy in the modern world is that Suffering is our creation.

It has become a feature of modern civilisation that powerful men are celebrated whereas the woman who stood beside them and help them to shape the ideas that made them famous are not seen and not heard. It is characteristic that the children of today quickly seek to distance themselves from their mothers and displays of emotion, so why is this?

There was a time in our distant past when men and women were seen as equal. That made sense because when the sun was seen as God because it sustained life, it did not discriminate against women. It is thought that men began discriminating against women some five or six thousand years ago when an influential king decided that he was more important and had more rights than his wife begetting what we call patriarchal society.

If we look at animal societies, the male may be physically stronger but the female is more attuned to the way of life and is the natural leader of the males are protectors. There are still a few tribes were the people acknowledge that women know best however these are diminishing as patriarchal materialistic civilisation continues to conquer all.

Within modern civilisation women are appreciated for their bodies, their beauty and for their capacity to reproduce. But unless they compete on men's terms or work, they have absolutely no value at all and when they get old they are shut away in some old folks home along with the men who weren't successful enough.

Women represent the earth

Women are a part of life and through their unique biology they know this and love the lives that come through them. Remember that women do not create babies, babies happen inside their wombs and for that new life to successfully develop, women need to live in relative harmony with adequate nutrition. This is instinctive which is why women are the homemakers and primary carers.

While the fertilised egg grows to become a baby, it is the food the woman eats that she processes to create the physical structure of the foetus. In other words; the soil is converted into plant which in turn provides the nutrition for human (and all physical) life on this planet. We come from the soil and we go back to the soil although unfortunately many bodies that are buried today are so full of formaldehyde the decay takes hundreds of years and damages the soil.

The patriarchal civilisation that we reside in is engaged in perpetual conflict hostile to life. The environmental destruction and war in the name of economic progress has damaged the female psyche and force women if they want to be successful to compete on patriarchal terms which is antagonistic to their femininity and wisdom.

It is the patriarchal male mentality that villages, plunders and rapes. He has reduced woman to being commodities and even in today's age of political correctness and women's liberation, she is not liberated, just deceived. Women were not given the vote and the freedom to work from the perspective of any social justice or fairness. They were allowed to vote because the voting system does not affect how politics works and how the world is run. Women were given the right to work because that meant more tax revenue.

The world continues to be deceived

The world today is run by misguided and spiritually bereft men and a few similarly bereft powerful women blinded by delusions of grandeur. This denial of femininity and struggle to compete in a patriarchal world on masculine terms results in menstrual problems leading to hysterectomy and an intellectual life that never evolves beyond gossip.

The people of the world today are being created to fulfil roles in a fantasy life by foolish men. Men and women are being equally deceived but woman suffer more. Around the world we have some female prime ministers and others in important social roles. But these women are being guided by abstract political ideologies and not their feminine instincts which have been suppressed.

The modern education system dumbs down the individual to stifle original thought and the tools used to do that are the lies presented as history. There was never anything noble about Alexander the great or Winston Churchill and all the other modern heroes. They were mostly thugs and thieves moulded in the patriarchal frame and the world's leadership today is cut from the same mold.

Steps to freedom

There's an old saying that "the truth will set you free", this is not exactly true because there are many truths depending on who is telling the story. We only get glimpses of truth and if you get a glimpse of truth that is strong enough then perhaps you will seek for the complete truth to know yourself as a human being and not use the expression "I'm only human" to justify your weakness.

To be truly human is to wake up and know that most of the truth of history it's been presented as either a direct lie built on lies. It's up to you to realise your humanity, to know that the human body is the most sophisticated piece of technology on this planet and that only by embracing your humanity and connecting with like-minded people can you begin to use the existing legal and democratic processes to initiate positive change in your community.

Positive steps towards freedom require that firstly you know yourself as a part of life and from that point you can work towards reducing pollution and real social equity. You can do this by exploring your history, by practising yoga and meditating, by eating less meat and becoming more inclusive in your attitude toward life.

Within Hinduism we have the symbology of the divine feminine in various forms. We have various forms of Devi and the mother of God as benign and well wishing but we also have the wrathful forms of Durga and Kali. In Buddhism we have the beautiful Tara and the wrathful Vajrayogini whereas in Christianity we have the mother Mary image who is extremely popular despite the opposition from church authorities.

The patriarchy likes the idea of the divine or holy mother as does any child yet they fear the mother's wrath. The beautiful and peaceful deity represents the mother who wants the best for her child and counsels them to walk gently upon the earth and appreciate life so that life may flourish. But when the child is against life mothers can get very angry and this is where the wrathful female deity comes into play. She is angry because the creation is being damaged and threatened yet her anger is not directed at the individual behaviour and the ignorance and stupidity that causes that behaviour.

So meditate on the divine feminine and be grateful towards your mother because your mother was your beginning and to disrespect her is not only your end, it is the end of us all. It's time to celebrate the feminine and don't worry about trying to make your mother proud of you for being successful, make your mother happy that you are happy and to go beyond that, create a life that is joyful and includes your mother.

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