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History is you and you are a piece of history

What is history you may ask dear friend?

It is the why the world is as it is today while "You" were conceived with the birth and evolution of our universe.

For a large part of our history, there is little of any great importance affecting modern life. It is only as our ancestors became more fully human since 20,000 BC that we can look back to see the how and why we are as we are today or why the dominoes fall as they do.

Experts like to disagree yet it seems that come 10,000 BC, settled societies and agriculture were evolving, people began seriously asking who they were plus the what and where of this existence?

People lived according to their biology and celebrated women, the mothers who gave birth to new life and submitted to the maternal desire for the continuity of our species. All mothers want to see their children grow happily and produce grandchildren knowing that their essence will live on into eternity and happiness was always an inside job.

By 8000 BC much of the world's population was intellectually understanding this and shaping their lives accordingly. Society was communal and capital was for the benefit of all. However the sea level rise associated with the end of the ice age pushed populations together resulting in both an intensification of the search for knowledge and the evolution of large population centres.

The nature of commerce changed, some became lazy paying lip service to traditions designed to serve humanity and beliefs emerged, the sacred tree was being abandoned.

Here men began to dominate the economic and political spheres. As societies developed, personal desires couched as needs began to overshadow concepts of shared capital and happiness became something to be acquired externally.

Civilisation was changing, those who adhered to Dharma evicted the selfish and troublesome from their communities and they travelled seeking fortune and fame, seeking capital and happiness by any means even depriving others.

The concept of "I" and "mine" became more important than you and yours', city states were formed and borders drawn. Armies were created and the flow of capital was controlled as another possession.

"Only Mother exists in this world. She is the Self of all. It is She whom you see with your eyes. She has become everything and everyone. To recognize this is to live in wonder." ~ Swami Bhajanananda Saraswati

The lands governed by Dharma became weakened through the need to participate in the flow of capital, and beyond those lands, those who had amassed power and wealth strategised ways of maintaining and growing that power and wealth down through the generations. Not only did they have armies, they set about to make the population into a workforce that they can control. The Abrahamic religions were born, not of any altruistic service to humanity, but as instruments of greed.

The concept of suffering became institutionalised, the natural processes of creation disparaged and condemned further increasing the suffering of the wider population while the noose of political control tightened.

War finally entered the Dharma lands and under the influence of patriarchal capitalism, many dharmic principals were abolished while the knowledge was taken to perpetuate profits and power far beyond those borders.

Looking at our world today, the truth of existence seems impossible to know because for most of us, we're educated not by those who wish us to succeed and participate in the true nature of existence but by those who only want us to serve their desires.

Against the backdrop of this history we all instinctively seek freedom and truth, something that seems almost an impossibility because most of what we have learned as only ever been a fabrication. While we all have the possibility to close our eyes, relax and seek to know our inner selves, the modern world offers only an aversion to attempting this unless there is some perceived financial reward although one who is successful will come to know the true nature of being human.

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