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And The Great Fall

No one knows exactly if the legendary Garden of Eden existed or where it was yet some remarkable evidence comes from Jijith Nadumuri Ravi who writes that within Vedanta, a great rift took place with Avesta splitting away to evolve into Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

This rift was ideological, a choice between spirituality and materialism, or to express this another way, between identifying oneself as the physical body instead identifying oneself as the eternal soul.

We now know from a great body of historical research, greater India was central to civilising the world. During that time when great ice sheets covered much of the northern hemisphere and the Neanderthal's were edging toward their demise, a quest was taking place in greater India to define reality and resolve people's concerns.

In response to that quest, perhaps during the height of the last Satya Yuga (@15,000BC), Shiva who has been acknowledged as the greatest of yogis revealed the nature of existence and the methodology by which everyone could achieve that understanding and thereby participate in life as co-creators in partnership with nature creating the Garden of Eden as a veritable heaven on earth.

The joy of the people and the technology of being human spread across Eurasia and beyond, the world was at peace and happiness prevailed.

This was a time when knowledge was rapidly increasing, the beginnings of industrialisation with agriculture and metallurgy but the sea levels were also rising forcing population movement and men began to take charge.

The nature of work and worldly things distanced people from their spiritual practices until there came a point that Adam got his knickers in a twist and went to live how he wanted to live.
Thus the fall of man was a dissociation away from true spirituality as described by the screenwriter Funda Alp:

"What was the first choice made by man after his creation? It was too eat the forbidden fruit that Azazel offered him at the cost of being expelled from Paradise.
So, choosing the world - what did it mean to choose the world, to choose to be mortal?

Eating up that fruit indeed is not showing courage, it meant to choose fear. After that day, there has always been fear on one side of the choice and fear paralyses the man. A scared person cannot move, cannot make choices, he stays still. What a big inability or not, letting fear to take himself over makes our real choice to open that door, to not to shut your eyes, not to surrender.

Do not let your sins be longer than your life, take the risk to be hurt, give what you have because if you are not hurt while giving what you have it doesn't mean that you have really given, don't be afraid. Fear eats up your soul, so go open that door, open it."

In an analysis of the history available to us in 2020, it seems reasonable to present a picture that a great enlightenment took place during the last Satya Yuga some 15 or so thousand years ago with the idea of Shiva the Adiyogi revealing the nature of existence after which a powerful spiritual community emerged to be encapsulated within what we now refer to as Vedanta.

It seems most probable from that treatise originating in India that the fabled Garden of Eden was somewhere within greater India and it's from there that ideas and technologies for human well-being have been spreading since long before. We know for a fact that today within the last remnants of true Hindu culture, they exist within a paradise manifesting their joy from within without need for morality or political oversight.

Our modern world is governed by opinions and the laws of the jungle equating to the survival of the strongest in the. The human population is predominantly materialistic not so much by choice but because they have no choice.

While Vedanta continued to guide the population of India and inspire people beyond giving rise to democracy and the idea of human rights around the globe, Avesta gave rise to continual conflict, draconian political controls, tyrannies, patriarchal capitalism and more recently, corporations that have been able to take control over vast resources and dictate the behaviour of governments.

The materialists paying lip service to the idea of their souls substituted beliefs as knowledge, and in response to living in fear, they had to be in control. Conversely those who identify with their souls have challenges but find that devotion, praise and gratitude allays most fears and today most of those fears are imposed.

Key points:

  1. The fruit of the tree of knowledge was not the apple but materialism equating to wrong knowledge ultimately harmful to self and all life.

  2. The idea of being expelled from Paradise is that materialists are to a large extent dominating, manipulating and over time would wreck a society. It seems so ironic that it's become politically correct to invite those who would destroy and even kill you into your country based on the belief that they are fundamentally good people when they are totally disconnected from their souls.

  3. There have been many revolutionaries, yogis and mystics who have inspired sanity through turning back to the soul and learning what it is to be human. This led to the western counterculture movement of the 60s and 70s when vast numbers of people began to reconnect with their souls and the spiritual side of existence.

This path is beset with traps and pitfalls set by those who believe they are somehow above their physical limitations and fear what they cannot control yet millions of people are discovering the untapped potential of becoming real human beings.

The world today is governed by patriarchal capitalism, it rules through fear and intimidation but what is most significant is very few people realise that their lives and their communities are tightly regulated and controlled by patriarchal capitalist forces.

Communism, the various forms of liberalism, consumerism, religions and belief systems are all tools of patriarchal capitalism creators so that they (the ruling elite) can continue to enjoy the fruits of paradise as they continue to make all other life on earth suffer through physical and mental hardships.

Materialism, the root of patriarchal capitalism has bought our species and all life on earth to the verge of extinction because blinded by its own fears and desires, it cannot see the big picture.

In contrast to those who have tasted the fruit of their own souls are struggling to retain a few of their human rights and the ability to live by human values often fail to comprehend this scenario which to my mind is vital in creating an effective strategy to take back some political control over one's own life and environment with room for Dharma.

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