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Reviewing history and unveiling the truths of our origins

In seeking knowledge of our origins and purpose, we firstly have to admit, we don't know. There isn't anyone who knows our universal origins, where we reside in relation to the whole or any clear purpose or reason for being other than to be happy!

Many of us were taught to believe that civilisation is less than seven thousand years old and the fossil record a trick of the creator. This underlying thinking continues to colour our history, dressing facts as fictions and fictions as facts. Creationism still has its following however the evolutionists now dominate the opinion polls regarding our origins, but are they right?

Michael Cremo and the science of forbidden archaeology throws up some curly evidence in the form of tools and other signs indicating human presence on Earth many millions of years ago. Such notions are outside of main stream thinking as are extraterrestrial visitations. As such, these ideas don't fit any evolutionary or creationist theories yet they cannot be dismissed, they are possibilities which must remain open.

The broad consensus within the modern scientific community is that all modern humans are descended from an African population of Homo sapiens that migrated around the world but bred with local archaic populations as they did so. However it's likely travellers were in small groups and were absorbed into local populations.

So, let's have a look at mainstream thinking in that the modern human as we call ourselves today evolved from lesser species and that our basic form was developed around 200,000 years ago. We know that over this period we have slowly evolved to become the most dominant and technologically advanced species on the planet. There is ample evidence of simple tools, spears, arrows and Stone Age technology all over the planet to indicate that many of our ancestors were indeed hunter gatherers.

One point of conjecture is the evidence suggesting that before 10,000 BC, all humans were dark skinned, even those in Europe. The Neanderthal who are considered to be an evolutionary subspecies were dark skinned. They became extinct around 20,000 BC although the DNA evidence today suggests that they interbred with modern humans.

In many ways there seems to be little doubt that humanity to a certain degree evolved from the very first cooperative relationship between bacteria and mitochondria along with a degree of consciousness and desire to survive or be successful. All life from the very simplest organisms through every species has an intelligent drive to successfully exist and pass on its DNA and technology of survival.

In the archaeological trail left by many species we can see a degree of adaptation and divergences, especially within birds that are thought to have evolved from dinosaurs. They change their colour and size in order to better take advantage of a particular food source or environment to better ensure their survival. Now lets come back to the origins of the fair skinned human being.

We know that within dark skinned populations there is a degree of albinism and some theorists suggest that around 10,000 BC a genetic defect perhaps in association with albinism resulted in a completely new human subgroup with fair skin who spread across Europe. We know that historically (and in many places today) fair skin was seen as desirable that across the entire North Africa/Middle East and North Indian regions, the importation of fair skinned individuals evolved the current shades of brown.

The other intriguing theory other than a naturally occurring genetic twist to explain fair skin are the myths concerning the gods coming to earth and interbreeding with the human population. This is also perhaps why some theorists propose that modern fair skinned humans evolved in Eurasia and became the dominant group across Europe replacing Neanderthal man and other subspecies.

One must remember that if the gods came to earth, these would have been an extraterrestrial human species, visitors from outer space. There are some other intriguing points in the archaeological trail like the lion man statue dated to over 30,000 BC and discovered in Germany. But the style of this icon is definitely Hindu indicating technology and trade during this period where modern researchers tell us such things were not possible.

The most insidious miss-truth propagated by historians and history channel is
Referring to ancient cultural practices as beliefs and religions

"Ancient DNA studies are beginning to show some of the true complexity of human genetic history, including providing evidence for large-scale intercontinental movements in the last 30,000 years or so. The out-of-Africa model requires major intercontinental movements 40,000-60,000 years ago, as well as later expansion into the Americas. From these perspectives, it is perhaps more likely that large-scale movements have continued throughout human prehistory than not, and replacement from the east is thus an explanation to consider. Ultimately, the prehistory of this period must encompass fossil, archaeological and multiple forms of genetic data, and reconcile them into a coherent overall understanding. The unique genetic properties of the Y chromosome may offer insights into movement during an early period that is currently difficult to investigate in other ways and provide a glimpse of this prehistory." ~ Speinger
There are however some researchers who consider that construction of the Egyptian pyramids and other megalithic structures around the world began around this time, something strenuously denied by mainstream researchers who also have no explanations for the discoveries made within the realm of forbidden archaeology.

If we look back to 10,000 BC, there is a great deal more tangible evidence and even more argument as to what was and what wasn't. We know for sure that around 10,000 BC the Europeans were still hunter gatherers living in caves and simple shelters. But we also know that in the region of greater India, agriculture and cities were evolving while for the Europeans, life was all about survival and temporary happiness.

We know that from about 10,000 BC, population increase in India inspired groups to migrate, today there is genetic evidence of groups spreading along the coast through the Mediterranean to the northern coasts of Europe. The original Jews are thought to have migrated out of India and with all of these peoples migrating from India, they took with them their ideas and technologies.

If we look back further than this, we generally have to admit that we do not know. Europeans were virtually non-existent or living at the same level as most animals. From India we have science and technology although perhaps not as anyone educated in the West would recognise although with the advent of micro sciences such as Quantum physics we can now see that the science and technology of ancient India was light years ahead of the West.

The ancient Hindus recognised that there were many things they did not know so they began studying and evolved a system of a passing on knowledge for future generations to benefit. One of the most interesting things they discovered apart from the concept of zero was the Yuga Cycle. The yuga cycle is referred to by modern scientists as axial precession, this is where the earth as it rotates on its axis has a slight wobble. Like a spinning top, the earth wobbles on its axis and that wobble takes some 26,000 years to complete. There is no doubt that there are other cyclical events as our galaxies relate to each other to the complete dissolution and rebirth of the universe which is so abstract as to be incomprehensible although for some it is useful as a speculative point relating to impermanence.

For anyone to know that before the advent of modern observation methods and satellite technology, that entire process (26000 years) would have to be observed, recorded and the information passed on for at least the entire period. Therefore this is a firm indicator that Hindu civilisation has existed continuously for at least 30,000 years which gives weight to theories that other advanced civilisations may have existed or that India alone was home to the world's first highly advanced technological civilisation.

If we step back into the past 10,000 year period, it's not too hard to see that the Europeans were struggling to survive and acquire the means of existence whereas the Hindus (and here Hindu refers to a geographic region not any belief system), had the basics of survival well in hand and they were trying to determine the nature of existence and our reason for being.

It's clear they understood axial precession and they were light years ahead of the Europeans in mathematics. They also knew the circumference and diameter of the earth, they knew about astrophysics, the larger planets in the solar system and that our solar system revolved around the Milky Way. They were experts in navigation, medicine and many other things including the ultimate nonexistence of all phenomena.

In other words they understood the nature of the atom and the fact that when the atom is taken apart, the scientist ends up with zero substance. Today we have leaned that existence is mathematical, all can be reduced to combinations of 1 and 0. From of the point of our perception Hindus understood that the observation of all phenomena was an experience that takes place only within our consciousness therefore what we see outside of ourselves does not exist, there is only a reflection of light and agreements about the nature of phenomenon. Modern science and in particular quantum physics has validated Hindu knowledge although the idea that as sensory beings who only experience existence within their own mind is an idea to difficult to grasp for many people.

Where we step forward of 5000 BC, we see the emergence of capitalism which began to corrupt Hindu Dharma and we see the movement of Hindu ideas travelling west and many of these today most Europeans associate and give credit to the Arabs, Greeks and Romans completely discrediting the actual source of those ideas. It is only in the past 10 years that some grudging acknowledgement has been made to the Hindu scientists and thinkers who developed the understanding from which all modern science has evolved.

At our present point of learning about the past, Western researchers are limited by the concepts of capitalism, power, domination and beliefs. You could call this the colonial hangover compounded by the belief that the universe as we see it is the fundamental reality of our existence. This has given rise to the Western philosophy that to better ourselves and understand their existence we have to control nature and acquire possessions, to dominate and control others, to decorate ourselves with things and ideas to achieve status within society.

In contrast the Hindus understood that living is a technological process, if you eat fresh and natural food, and if you meditate, the body will remain strong and happiness will emerge from within you. The reason for existing is to tap into that internal happiness and joy which is balanced by adapting to living in harmony with nature and each other.

The Hindu way of life referred to as Sanatana Dharma and abbreviated to Dharma within Buddhism is all about expanding consciousness or awareness. The nonexistence of what we perceive as reality can be experienced by anyone, all that is required is having a little faith in the testimony of those who have walked before and turning one's attention inwards. This process unlocks the keys to understanding nature and living joyfully without being harmful to other life forms.

The Hindu way is one of harmlessness and discovering abundance whereas the Western way is about domination and control for short-term pleasures after all, one cannot take one's material fortune and for next life whereas those in accord with Hindu science take their acquired wisdom into the next life. But unfortunately for believers, to enjoy the heavenly fruits one must be dead.

There is no doubt that we are shaped by our past therefore knowing our history is important. But is not so important to know that your relative was killed by so-and-so in some conflict. It's more important to know that the conflict was caused by some foolishness, ignorance and suffering in those who created the conflict.

The general reveal of history over the past 30,000 years is that civilisation began in India and spread over the world. The further removed from India, the knowledge of technologies for living and the history diminished to be replaced by belief systems and technologies enabling the destruction of all life on earth. Perhaps one day we will be in to connect the dots relating to discoveries within what's referred to as forbidden archaeology, and we may make contact with some off planet species but the most important thing is to live your life now.

It is from the repository of knowledge generated in ancient India and passed on that the universe is an illusion but the allusion constitutes a reality we must conform to. We need food to eat, we need shelter, relationships and to perpetuate our species which we can only do be sustaining our means for existence. To do this we need to look inwards because the more we look inwards the more we understand what we see outside of ourselves and is from within ourselves we find the source of all joy and happiness.

The ancient Hindus taught that the entire history of the universe exists in this moment on what we see as past or future is illusory. So what do we say to all those who still believe in an external reality and that we remain in the Kali yuga? This is just programming, an addiction to things, an excuse for abdicating self responsibility and treating Moksha as an abstraction to be achieved in some future life because now it seems so impossible...


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