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Tracing the origins of beliefs and knowledge

Whatever part of the world that you happen to live in, you are regularly lied to and misled by those who are sometimes genuine in their beliefs having been misled themselves or are being deliberately misleading for their own gain. If you would care to do the research you would find that modern civilisation is built entirely upon myths and legends that cannot be substantiated and a history that is controlled solely for the profit of a few.

One such misconception is that Shaivism was the most important influence in ancient Arabia before Islam along with pre islamic Babylonian Deities. Arabs when they converted to Islam took the Namaz ritual from Persians

Image: Portal on Mt. Agung, Bali

One must remember that we are a people on an insignificant planet in an insignificant part of an infinitely vast universe with absolutely no connection to anywhere so we tend to grasp that what we perceive as life then form rigid opinions about things that are in a state of constant flux. Consider for a moment that in relation to the universe we have no idea what is up or down, such an idea only exists in relation to individual perception. As I sit here my up is in relation to my position on the planet and because of his round, your direction of up is entirely different. We so easily believe in non-existent truths upon which we construct a sense of reality in our minds.

Returning to the subject of Hindu nationalism and what that means. Well, it's a little like arguing Darwinism versus creationism. Darwin argued that we evolved from lesser lifeforms over a long period of time and coincidentally people who are generally referred to as Hindus agree. Conversely the creationists argue that we as a species were created some 6000 years ago by a benevolent God who then left us to our own devices while another school of thought says that Adam and Eve were perhaps a species alien to earth came and mated with the more highly evolved ape/humanoid species that existed on the planet.

We do not know the truth, we can only make an educated guess as to the nature of our origins as a species. The oldest literature we have in the Western world is the Christian Bible and before that we have the writings from Babylon, Mesopotamia and Egypt which have shaped a Western narrative about the development of civilisation and the interpretations controlled by appointed archaeological and quasi-scientific organisations under the auspices of capitalism which is all about power and control for profit.

Focusing on India

History has been written by and at the behest of the rich and powerful capitalists to give them administrative control over regions and populations. Christian history is laid out in the Bible but to the Western mind that firmly believed that "up" was a universal constant could not comprehend the Vedanta or the Mahabharata text that not only contains the regional history, but it also contains detailed instructions on how to achieve or know the truth of existence.

When we step back into the pre-Christian era it is clearly evident that there is a strong Hindu influence centred on modern day India covered from the Mediterranean to the Pacific. However modern evolutionists and historians completely disregard India because they are so attached to their beliefs that have been carefully shaped and passed on over the past few hundred years by the powerful ruling elite.

It was primarily the British who wrote the history of India to suit their own agenda and they disregarded the actual history that is once more re-emerging. It has become evidently clear that Lord Krishna, Lord Rama and so many other characters who existed a long time before the advent of the Christian era were actually real people yet are denied in the context of mainstream history.

When the British arrived in India the subcontinent was occupied by Moslems who following the conquest of Persia swept almost unopposed across Buddhist Afghanistan, Pakistan, North India and down through Southeast Asia. The Buddhists weren't positioned to defend themselves very well whereas the Hindus, the followers of Sanatana Dharma were.

The modern name India was made up by the British whereas the greater region of India was once known as Hindustan. This was derived from the Persian word Hindu cognate with the Sanskrit Sindhu and during the early period of British rule the people were referred to as Hindus and many derogatory names. Even today Hindustan is a more apt name but adding to the confusion is the term Hinduism and its definition as a religion.

To be clear, Hindu is a geographic term therefore anyone who lives in modern day India as a citizen is by definition a Hindu regardless of belief. While people attribute Hinduism as being a religion, it has become a religion for many from the implication but Hindus are traditionally non-believers and the spiritual practices of the population are encapsulated within Sanatana Dharma which is best described as a way of life in harmony with life.

Hindu nationalism

The Hindu intelligentsia became increasingly tired of the British version of their history. Much of the British version has been disproved by archaeologists and researchers. There is clear evidence that India really was the mother of nations although this is still denied and Hindus are derided in mainstream Western thought.

Yet despite what other people think and say about them, the Hindus are more intellectually gifted than Europeans, they are more inclusive and have taken in refugees from many countries. The Hindus and what people call as Hinduism are friendly, generous and inclusive and contrast to a more exclusive European mindset that tries to be multicultural yet continues to fail.

There is no doubt one of the biggest problems in India is the aggressive nature of Christianity and Islam compounded by the fact that the Indian bureaucracy still functions in a way as established by the British. The other major problem is the education system that continues to function teaching the British and European narrative of Hindu history that is incredibly bias towards Western ideology and a highly disrespectful to Hindu culture and traditions that extend back more than 10,000 years.

Some good news is that the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appointed a committee of scholars to prove that Hindus are descended from India's first inhabitants. Members of the country's Muslim minority worry the government wants to make them second-class citizens. The Moslems should not be worried that the Indian government will make them second-class citizens, they make themselves bad citizens by trying to dominate Hindu society and convert the population to Islam which in itself is a fictitious religion.

This conflict of ideology that began with the British has served to divide India, to divide peoples from each other and facilitate control of the region and its resources. Even the intelligent Moslems knew this and they voted for Prime Minister Modi because they fear being ruled under Sharia Law and are attracted to the idea of individual autonomy within a tolerant and inclusive society.

India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was a British puppet and Islamic apologist who embraced the idea of multiculturalism, a policy that has backfired in every country where it has been tried because it simply creates separation. It is only under Sanatana Dharma that multiculturalism actually works because it is inclusive and devoid of belief whereas multiculturalism is based on beliefs, principally that everyone's beliefs are valid and can coexist.

Yet the beliefs of Christians and Muslims are exclusive, the Christians believe that only Christianity should exist whereas Muslims think only Islam should exist and these two groups have a history of ruthlessly suppressing and exterminating people who believe contrary to them. To a casual observer that seemed that Christians and Muslims live quite happily side-by-side but we look back over the history, there has never been any true peace. There has always been an apathy for war and an ongoing attempt to out breed each other.

Ancient India despite the history of battles as described in the Bagavad Gita was a land of peace and harmony. We know from the evidential records that Tamil DNA has been found in the Australian aboriginal population and the New Zealand Maori. The main calendar that was supposed to herald the end of the world in 2012 is identical to the old Hindu calendar of the same period. The Indus Valley script which has yet to be deciphered is identical to the script found on Easter island. Modern archaeology has shown that the Indus Valley civilisation was well established about 9000 BC, a civilisation with cities that had running water with flush toilets and public baths thousands of years before the birth of Rome that is renowned in Western history as the inventor of such ideas.

All the conflict in the world is about ideas and a response to fear. It is only Hindu culture under the guidance of Sanatana Dharma that can cure the world of its suffering yet the world are so caught up in its own suffering that it picks on India in a similar way as a litter of pigs will bully the runt of the litter. Yet India is no runt, despite over 1000 years of foreign occupation and being stripped of its economic and material assets, Sanatana Dharma remains strong and it is spreading around the world because people are desperate for the truth.

It is only by knowing the truth of existence that hearts and minds are set free and when enough people know freedom, peace and prosperity can prevail. This initiative by Narendra Modi to re-establish Bharat Mata by correcting history is to be applauded and supported. In this technological age we all owe it to ourselves to do the research and find the truth of history because it is not very hard although it's unpleasant to face up to the fact that we have been lied to for so long.

The nationalist Hindu group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is spoken of as being divisive by those who are divided and it is probable that such an ideological organisation runs a little off track from time to time yet if India is to become the great nation it aspires to be, it must embrace its real history and become a real leader not so much in terms of commerce and industrial technology, but show leadership and act more as a repository for all knowledge pertaining to human well-being and the technology of being human.

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