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Not of water but a flood of Ignorance

Traditionally the Genesis flood narrative is among the best-known Bible stories whereby Noah built a monster ship at God's command, ultimately saving not only his own family, but mankind and all the animals from extinction during the Flood.

Did this ever happen? The idea of a snowball Earth has wide acceptance in the scientific community but there is far less support for the idea of an earth whereby all the land is covered in water. To put it simply, with all the water available on earth it just doesn't compute. Also the idea of creating a vessel large enough to contain two of every species along with food supplies to sustain them is a physical impossibility, so from a physical perspective the idea is preposterous and unbelievable.

Now let's forget about Noah, consider the metaphorical story with a different kind of flood. We have a garden of Eden story and like the tale of Noah, it is not terribly believable or at least the biblical version must really be confined as fantasy. Yet there was an entirely different kind of flood that has inundated the earth but most of us are too blind to see, so allow me to enlighten you:

During the last Satya Yuga, a period between 20,012 BC and 9582 BC, it is said that there was a golden age on earth where humankind reached an evolutionary Peak intelligence. It could well be that this period was indeed a garden of Eden and people lived as gods although the myths tell us they were not always happy people and sometimes squabbled and enjoyed playing somewhat less than pleasant tricks on each other combined with a condescending attitude towards lower forms of life.

We should be careful about how much we read into those ancient myths and legends yet behind every myth and legend there is usually some element of truth. It is said that during the Satya Yuga period, another celestial body comes close into our solar system to exert a particularly strong gravitational effect which in turn affects human consciousness making us somewhat smarter.

Soon after that Yuga period ended, apparently we became somewhat more stupid. There were lots of earths changes happening, the icecaps melted, sea levels rose dramatically, desertification began to accelerate, human populations increase and were forced to move, the mega fauna disappeared, the Black sea flooded creating a waterway into North India, agriculture developed along with metallurgy and Eurasian trade.

Human ingenuity developed but some stupidity within human consciousness increased because along with the development of patriarchal capitalism, regional groups outside of India gave up on name what it was to be human and instead adopted materialism. The original pagan and matriarchal culture of the entire world where the most important thing a person can do was to seek to day life and become integrated with life however the developing patriarchal societies dispensed with their interest in life and sought to control life.

In spiritual terms this meant people turning away from appreciating the divine feminine and appreciating the mother of mothers. People still needed a sense of spiritual identity so religions were invented with a priesthood designed to placate the psychological need of people to be connected to the truth of existence. This enabled people to become players at various levels in commercial enterprise be they state building, warmongering and service providers but all designed to turn a profit to the leadership he began to reside in glorious castles.

So the flight was not one of water, it was patriarchal capitalism which almost immediately gave birth to colonialism as a tool for exploiting one's neighbours and building empires purely for profit. This has gone on now for perhaps 9000 years and these patriarchal capitalist systems continue to flourish even though they are doomed to failure. This is because they have forgotten the respect for the mother of mothers and in fact it is the mother of mothers who refuses to be exploited in a capitalistic way that so enrages are Patria capitalist establishment they seek to destroy that last bastion of sanity which is mother India that gave birth to the world's civilisation along with all the technical skills enabling the lifestyle we have today.

So the biblical Noah is just a myth and the substance that flooded the earth was not water but the idea of patriarchal capitalism, a disease which dominates all aspects of life on earth. There are very few people who can avoid being slaves to the machine but unless patriarchal capitalism which should be seen as a virus more deadly than covid-19 is dealt with, patriarchal capitalism which by its very own design will continue to eat through the entirety of the earth resources that all life on earth will be extinguished providing of course those who deemed to play Gods don't decide to hold their own wargames.

Now what can you do to combat this disease?

You could brush up on your history and learn that most of what you have been taught at school was false, most of what is taught in the Bible is false, but what's more important is that you begin taking more responsibility for your own actions and think about yourself as a human being. Of course we have that expression 'he/she is only human' to shrug off some failure. But literally it would be helpful to think of yourself not as an Aladdin but the Genie in the bottle and it is yours task to set yourself free.

India is providing innovative solutions to combat Covid-19 and
it also has age-old solutions to combat patriarchal capitalism
in the form of yoga and meditation.

In yogic law, human beings are all capable of levitating, using telekinesis, healing each other and creating a sustainable lifestyle with the general condition and emotion of the population is that of joy. There is another golden age on the way that we don't have to wait until then to experience it. If we turn our minds to genuine enquiry into the nature of life and in particular our internal world simply through deep relaxation and meditation along with a more wholesome diet and perhaps an exercise plan, your being will begin to come alive and then you can coordinate others to use the democratic processes to evolve a new social paradigms that is more communal and environmentally friendly.

To summarise

The Noah flood story was intended as a metaphor to describe patriarchal capitalism which at the time of writing the Bible could not be spoken about as with Galileo later on, speaking the truth would likely cost you your head and the heads of anyone who happen to agree with you. You can see today that not very much has changed has the powers that be to a large extent still control the narrative and you can lose your Twitter or Facebook account for saying the wrong thing although in this age of misinformation the authorities no longer need to care about what individuals say as long as they don't gather too much traction although it's a different story if you happen to live in China.

But the real point of this story is that a patriarchal society is doomed to failure but as long as it is small-scale like North Korea, it's just something for everyone to point the finger at. But with patriarchal capitalism, this is a different story because the capitalism facet intersects with the global community and with domineering men (and a few cases women) in charge, it permeates all levels of society to commercialise and to modify all aspects of existence squeezing out profits mostly for the pleasure of those who govern.

Can you comprehend that a patriarchal society is only half human because it denies and shuns the power of the feminine. Patriarchal capitalism is patriarchy on steroids intent on consuming all the resources of the earth and making other do the work for the pleasure of a few.

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