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A symptom of patriarchal capitalism and false beliefs

India, once the largest, richest, and most literate culture and civilization based on principles of universal rules of Dharma - was broken, shattered, subjugated, murdered, plundered and its own remnants now fight among themselves with some disguised as agents of invasive forces and others as blinded by ignorance while both are abused by bigger conspirators to use them as source of income. How foolish one can be?

Every summer over thousands of years, hordes entered into ancient India & Iran from Central Asia to pillage the peaceful areas. After a time they became legitimized then they raised a flag and called themselves a new religious force.

For past 1300 years India's borders at medieval Iran were broken and thus the so called religious campaigns were nothing but hordes and thugs who were poor, resource less who used religious conquest to break kingdoms using divisions, treachery and constant yearly invasions.

Once Iran was broken due to its long centuries old wars with so called West its cities were burned, its elite were killed or ran away to Russia, Europe and India and after the subjugation after a few hundred years, some Iranian war lords also used the same flag to break into Hindu kingdoms of now Afghanistan & later into what is now North West India divided just 7 decades ago by another foreign power. The key reason India was broken was chaos, disinformation, artificially created, staged conspiracies to divide people, classes and create division among earlier cooperating kingdoms.

There came a time when local Indian rulers conspired with foreign invading forces to just capture and defeat a neighbouring ruler and during these campaigns, the defeated ruler was replaced by either a foreigner or a local agent who stopped working for interests of local people and began milking, exploiting the people and their resources to make it a reward for foreign interests.

If we analyze on macro scale, nothing really changed. India even during end of so called Mongolic Central Asian kyrgyzistani rulers merged with turk-mongols, called in Farsi as Moghols and Mughals by British had same pattern of exploitation when the earlier green flag holders were replaced by more cunning Europeans who represented different denominations of church.

For some disambiguation on the Mongols, please refer to this excellent article When the Pagan Mongols Nearly Wiped Out Islam on India Facts.

Nothing really has changed even after the so called independent India from "Foreign" powers as the patterns of using local people and resources by some local agents to amass wealth and consider it a booty - continues. The earlier foreign thugs were replaced by locally powerful disguised as politicians and in some parts as military who continued to "RULE" instead of working for people.

The so called freedom or independence was used to use the cream of resources for the special groups at helm and it took 5 decades of their misrule to get some self sufficiency. They controlled agriculture, distribution, industry and used all other resources to amass for their personal accounts.

Unfortunately even now the same pattern continues and there every earlier lobby of thugs now disguised as parties or social political groups who use division and rule formula to enjoy power and unhindered loot of resources while the grand majority of people work hard and pay taxes to maintain certain minority groups.

India is the last real big democracy but its own natives are to keep fighting just to survive, keep their basic rights of freely worship in their temples. The grand majority of India is kept in divisive politics and conspiracies to fool and thus the cunning elements of so called minorities plunder, mutilate, abuse in name of their religious privileges while Hindu or followers of Dharma are at receiving end being crucified, who must accept the nonsensical fake religious faiths as officially religious while their own faith is rejected and so called Secular courts abuse it as bogus. This does not happen anywhere else in this world at this point of time as most of the world is already under subjugation of organized religious elements & their disguised political branches like capitalism, communism and running societies by their book. Even other parts of India now known as "South Asian" countries have the same abuse continually perpetuated and the real victims at receiving end are followers of Dharma or those who use false names just to survive in fanatic ruled fake democracies meant to keep masses in abject poverty. Despite that the clever elements who control media and judiciary report to the "world" that Hindus are the oppressors but the real story is totally opposite. The cause of this continual abuse is organized, staged and created disunion, disharmony and division of the majority.

At end Hindus are the real target of this massive social, economic and political exploitation and the time is coming when they will be swallowed by the massive organized campaign by organized "faith" whose real interest is convert, control and subjugation. In old times this used to be called colonialism now it is fashion to call secular, democratic way to invest, exploit and control people.

By Dr Naila Hussain

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