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Archaeology fails by categorising ancient science as religion

The world's population by and large is being duped, brainwashed and educated with a large amount of false information in regards to world history. Schools are still teaching that the development of India only took place due to an Aryan invasion and that all cultures outside of Europe were savage, ignorant of science and uneducated.

This has clearly been disproved and in fact it is knowledge from India which gave rise to modern civilisation, a bitter pill for the colonialists to swallow because they still believe they are right.

In the field of archaeology in addition to finding, dating places of human habitation from antiquity and getting them into some kind of global picture, they have the audacity to classify evidence of ancient knowledge and science as religion. Religion implies something that people believe in that is not necessarily true therefore no one takes much notice. If those researchers pointed out that the archaeology proved that an ancient culture had something like the sextant with a widespread knowledge of time, longitude and attitude, it would make headlines and a call for a revision of the history books.

As an example; the widespread knowledge in India that the Earth orbited the sun and our solar system revolved around our galaxy was assigned as part of a belief system by the British which in effect denied the Indian understanding.

Unfortunately the discovery from the Enders Valley implying a knowledge dating back to perhaps 10,000 BC was deemed as not worthy of any international publicity. This knowledge and technology enabled ocean voyages, something the Europeans never understood until around 1500 A.D. despite having had the Hindu texts explaining this technology for hundreds of years.

In regard to India, the fact that they have so many gods to the Western mind implies a very complex belief system and it is only in recent years that some Hindus have become believers.

As I have explained above, the Hindu gods and deities are technological tools that serve the individual and every individual has the option to create their own God or reference point in consciousness because this is what these gods and deities are. If we travel back 2000 years, the Hindus didn't believe the earth was round, they knew this as a fact, they also knew with a small margin of error the diameter and circumference of the earth, the distance to the Moon, the distance of the sun, the diameter of the Sun and Moon, the relationship to our neighbouring galaxies in a time when Europeans believed the world was flat and gods actually did answer people's prayers.

Unfortunately European understanding is characterised by believe and they described Hindu knowledge as a belief system which is totally insane and characteristic of Scots polar debacle and the British reaction to Amundsen. Hindu understanding is characterised by actual knowledge much of which has been lost from the public consciousness due to the British reinventing the Hindu education system and falsely writing new books on Hindu history.

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